Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Shameless Vixen 2

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In Jiang Tuxin’s ears, he was crying out bitterly in silence.

What anecdote was this!

He didn’t know what Young Sect Master was thinking about, to actually appear together with Bai Liu Feng’s daughter and he also heard that he had admitted personally that the both of them had a marriage arrangement!

But those who knew Li Moying’s real identity were all very clear that Celestial Light Academy’s Sect Master Murong had always treated him as his future son-in-law and news regarding Li Moying and Murong Fei’s marriage arrangement had been rumoured for many years.

He didn’t know if Sect Master Murong knew that Li Moying had found himself a fiancée?

Even though he was flustered, but no matter what an overbearing man like Li Moying wanted to do, it wasn’t something which Jiang Tuxin could dabble in so he could only pretend that he didn’t see anything since he didn’t want to offend either side.

But who would have expected that even if he didn’t sought trouble, trouble came knocking on his door instead.

Murong Fei actually got him here personally to question him.

Facing Murong Fei’s piercing gaze, Jiang Tuxin deliberated as he spoke out, “Eldest Young Miss, Young Sect Master is indeed in Celestial Light Academy but he only mentioned that he needed to read up on some classics in the Sutra Depository and moreover he had some matters to settle in Sky Cloud City so he needed a place to stay temporarily. He’s not considered as an official student in Celestial Light Academy and you also know that with Young Sect Master’s temper, I don’t dare to check on Young Sect Master’s whereabouts. So I’m not clear on what he does in Sky Cloud City…..”

Upon hearing such an obvious attitude on avoiding the important and dwelling on trivial matters, her anger arose.

“Jiang Tuxin! Do you treat me as a fool? How dare you actually try to be perfunctory with me! I’ve already told you clearly that someone had already informed me on the actual situation! Eldest Senior Brother spends every day in Celestial Light Academy and rarely leaves. Moreover, the entire academy’s students all know that he and that little vixen had a marriage engagement! They also acknowledge that they are a couple! I’ve also heard that the both of them are staying together! Since the truth is so, you still dare to tell me that you don’t know anything??”

Her tone was harsh with a severe expression, feeling a burst of fire ignite within her chest area about to burst out.

The minute she recalled her “informant” describing how loving Li Moying and that wretched lass were, she was so infuriated that she could not bear to kill that little vixen!

Eldest Senior Brother actually personally stood up for her at Yuan family! And even fed her personally! Accompanied her to cultivate every day!

She also heard that in order to please Li Moying, some of them even greeted her directly as Sister-in-law!

This really was…. simply outrageous!

She was the one who was a couple with Eldest Senior Brother! Only she was worthy of a peerless talent like Eldest Senior Brother!

That wretched lass from the countryside, she had obviously sent Zuo Fangping to murder her but the end result was she had not died and appeared once again! What’s more, she appeared at the same place as Li Moying! And even brazenly displayed their conjugal love!

The more Murong Fei thought, the angrier she felt as her right hand swept everything on the table onto the ground!

“Fa la la” was heard as the tea set consisting of tea pot, tea cup and pastries were all swept onto the ground!

Even Jiang Tuxin had a great shock!

In his impression, Eldest Miss Murong of the Murong family had always been noble and elegant and she bore a unique grandeur of a large Sect’s daughter. She had always seemed gentle and refined, as though a fairy.

Who would have expected that her temper was so ruthless!

As expected, one could not judge another just based on looks!

Jiang Tuxin suddenly came to realize why Li Moying liked Huang Yueli and didn’t like Murong Fei…..