Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Shameless Vixen 3

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“Jiang Tuxin, listen carefully!”

After Murong Fei had vented her frustration, she suddenly clutched her chest, sat down and turned towards Jiang Tuxin.

“Yes, I’m here…” Jiang Tuxin responded in embarrassment.

A cold glint flashed past Murong Fei’s eyes, “When you return back today, find a reason to expel that wretched lass from Celestial Light Academy! It’s best if you can cripple her cultivation and break all her four limbs before throwing her into the wild directly! I want to see that wretched lass disappear from Celestial Light Academy within three days from now, do you hear me?”

She clenched her teeth as she imagined herself tearing Huang Yueli into seventeen or eighteen pieces!

As long as that wretched lass left Celestial Light Academy, she had plenty of ways to get rid of her silently!

Otherwise with Celestial Light Academy’s tight internal security and with Li Moying staying close to her almost every minute, even leaving his Shadow Guards to protect her, if she wanted to harm her, it would not be easy at all.

But silence responded to Murong Fei’s question.

She raised her head and saw Jiang Tuxin’s indecisive expression and started to get angry again.

“Jiang Tuxin, did you hear what I just said?”

Jiang Tuxin replied her perplexedly, “I heard what you said but Eldest Young Miss, forgive me for not being able to do according to what you requested!”

“You…” Murong Fei’s eyes almost popped out, “I’m the Sect Master’s daughter! Just asking you to expel a student from Celestial Light Academy, can’t you even do a simple thing like this properly?”

Jiang Tuxin responded, “Isn’t Eldest Young Miss asking the obvious? If she was any ordinary student, of course that wouldn’t be a problem. But Bai Ruoli is not ordinary at all! Even if she had no relationship with Young Sect Master, she is also the number one genius which Celestial Light Academy had recruited in the past one hundred years! Merely fourteen years old and she is already ranked third in the Martial Arts Stage, this is something which was unprecedented in history! Such a peerless genius is not commonly found and I must win her over for our Sect so how could I chase her away? This is a huge loss to Celestial Light Sect!”

“You….. I don’t care about your loss or not? Celestial Light Sect already has a lot of talents! That wretched lass is considered a genius at that broken academy but as compared to our Sect, she’s just so so. We won’t suffer any loss without her anyway?” Murong Fei replied savagely.

Jiang Tuxin shook his head silently, this was simply twisting words and forcing her logic on others!

Such a talented young lady like Huang Yueli was extremely rare and it was a miracle that she enrolled for Celestial Light Academy. It was considered as Celestial Light Sect’s dog sh*t luck! He would really be dumb if he chased her away! It wasn’t easy for a huge piece of cake to drop down from the sky and he had to throw it away?

Murong Fei had stayed in the Sect normally and probably didn’t know how high was Huang Yueli’s innate talent.

Jiang Tuxin didn’t want to explain to her in detail and only replied, “Eldest Young Miss, things aren’t that simple. Regarding Bai Rouli’s matter, I’ve already reported to Sect Master and Sect Master also said that this kind of genius ought to stay in Celestial Light Sect, so how can I go against his command?”

Murong Fei was extremely incensed, “Good, very good! You actually bring my father into the picture thinking that this can scare me off? I’m telling you, my father doesn’t know how shameless that wretched lass is! If he knew that Bai Ruoli actually seduced Eldest Senior Brother, he will absolutely not allow that vixen to continue staying in Celestial Light Academy!”

Jiang Tuxin replied, “If that is Sect Master’s wish, then I will follow accordingly. But I must receive Sect Master’s command personally before I proceed. Otherwise if I were to misunderstand his wish, then I absolutely cannot take up this responsibility!”