Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Shameless Vixen 4

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Murong Fei’s face flushed red, “Good, so that means that you don’t put me in your eyes and is unwilling to listen to my commands?”

“Eldest Young Miss, please don’t misunderstand. How would I dare not to respect you? Only I don’t dare to not listen to Young Sect Master’s commands…. He has already said told me to protect Bai Ruoli…. Furthermore, Young Sect Master and Bai Ruoli’s marriage arrangement was verified by himself personally…..” Jiang Tuxin tried to explain.

But the minute Murong Fei heard how deep Li Moying felt for Huang Yueli, she couldn’t bear with it any further.

“Enough, since you only have Young Sect Master in your eyes and don’t have me the Eldest Young Miss, then scram! Don’t blame me for not reminding you that since you dare to go against me, you won’t have any good consequences!”

Jiang Tuxin hurriedly ‘scrammed’ and it was only when he reached the entrance that he wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

Looked like he had completely offended Murong Fei!

It seemed that he had gotten into big trouble for no apparent cause!

But he didn’t have a second route to choose because as compared to Murong Fei, he didn’t dare to offend Li Moying even more!

After the few rounds of interaction with this Young Sect Master, he could deeply felt that this Young Sect Master was a sleeping dragon and by the time he awoke and flew straight into the skies, he probably wouldn’t even care about the entire Celestial Light Sect!

Jiang Tuxin self-admitted that he was no silly goat and it was more than obvious who he should listen to.


After Jiang Tuxin left, a masked man appeared behind a screen in the main hall.

Upon seeing Murong Fei’s sinister expression, he revealed a chilly grin behind his mask.

But the minute he neared her, he changed his tone and gave his earnest advice, “Eldest Young Miss, this proved that I am indeed not lying to you right? That Bai Ruoli had indeed seduced Young Sect Master and even enchanted him! This news had not been sent back to our Sect because Jiang Tuxin had been listening to Young Sect Master’s commands to strictly stop those people who knew about it from spreading the news to the Sect.”

“How dare this old fellow do this! He actually helped that other woman! Even daring to hide the fact from my father!” Murong Fei clenched her fists so hard that her fingernails dug deep into her palms, “Looks like you are the only one who is truly loyal to the Sect!”

The mysterious man lowered his head, “I do not dare to forget my origins and naturally I am clear on who my Master should be!”

Murong Fei smiled slightly upon hearing what he said.

“Luckily, at least you are standing by my side! Since Jiang Tuxin doesn’t know what’s good for him, I naturally have my own ways to make things difficult for him! You only need to follow my commands and continue helping me to spy on them. I’ll give you further instructions when it’s time for you to make a move.”

Mysterious man responded, “I am willing to be of service to Eldest Young Miss!”

After the mysterious man left, Murong Fei leaned against the chair and looking at the meson the ground, signs of jealousy could not be hidden in her eyes.

“Bai Ruoli! How dare you try to snatch Eldest Senior Brother from me… this time round, I must make sure that you die without a burial ground!”


Whatever that had happened in the Sect had not been transmitted to Celestial Light Academy.

Together with Li Moying, Huang Yueli felt that time flew by quickly and unknowingly, quite an amount of time had passed.

Although Li Moying was very sticky, but occasionally he also had his own matters to settle.

At that kind of timing, Mo Yi would personally come to report and brought him away.

Huang Yueli finally had the chance to throw away that piece of gum and moved about freely on her own. That feeling was akin to a prisoner being released out for some fresh air!

This fateful day, Li Moying was called away by Mo Yi whereas Huang Yueli was staying alone in her courtyard when she heard someone knocking on her door.