Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 937

Chapter 937 Forming The Blood Pact 1

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She responded, “Come in.”

Su Qingyue pushed the door open and behind her were ten over people. Those people were that team of people made up from the small countries when she just enrolled into the school.

Huang Yueli squinted her eyes and had already guessed their intentions for this visit.

Su Qingyue said embarrassedly, “Sister Li, they insisted on asking me to bring them along and I was in a difficult position to reject them…. If this really disturbs your cultivation, then we won’t enter.”

Su Qingyue had not expected this herself that after the last time Huang Yueli and this bunch of people had parted on an unhappy note, they still wanted to look for her again and even pestered her around for a couple of days. Su Qingyue was easily embossed and could only brought them along.

Huang Yueli smiled, “Doesn’t matter. Since you’re already here, why don’t the few of you speak your mind and tell me why you’re here for?”

Yu Xinyang walked upwards and faced her as he clasped his fist into his other hand and bowed before speaking up, “Miss Bai, the purpose of my visit is firstly to apologize to you. The last time we were here, we had offended you. Secondly is to thank you. That scroll of Earth grade lower level cultivation method which you gifted us previously had done us a huge favour! Lastly, I’ve come specially to defect myself to you. Would you please accept me as your subordinate and form the Blood Pact with me. I’m willing to be of service to Miss Bai!”

The minute he spoke, the ten over people standing behind him started to respond as well.

“That’s right, Miss Bai, we’re all willing to form the Blood Pact. Please take us in!”

“Miss Bai, we had eyes but could not see previously and we’ve realised our mistake!”

“Please be magnanimous and forgive us!”

When Huang Yueli heard their requests, her lips curled upwards and noncommittally replied, “The last time I had already given all of you a chance to form a Blood Pact with me but at that time, you had rejected. I said this previously that you will all be back to beg me! Moreover, by then, I will not take you in easily!”

All of their faces became perplexed.

Yu Xinyang replied without any hesitation, “Miss Bai, I am willing to follow you from the bottom of my heart. If you have any other requests or tests, please list them out!”

Huang Yueli then responded, “Since that’s the case, previously I had stated the first step of my test. Do you still remember when I passed you that Earth grade cultivation method? I said earlier that if you’re able to cultivate successfully that cultivation method and also defeat the core student who had constantly been bullying you, then come back and look for me! So now, I want to know who had been successful in cultivating that manual?”

All of them looked at one another.

Yu Xinyang and Su Qingyue were the first to raise their hands and thereafter, another five to six people also raised up their hands.

Huang Yueli asked, “Just the few of you?”

No one else responded.

So she spoke up again, “For those who had not managed to learn that cultivation method, you can now scram! I don’t need any trash here!”

When she said that, those few who had raised up their hands heaved a sigh of relief, whereas those who didn’t had a ugly expression on their faces.

Someone tried to defend himself, “Miss Bai, you… how could you do this? Your requirement is just too high! That is an Earth grade cultivation method and all of us had never learnt such a high levelled cultivation method previously so even if we could not learn it successfully, surely it’s understandable right? Moreover, you only gave us that little bit of time! Although our aptitude are much lower, but we’re also willing to do things for you. Things like running errands or simple stuff like that, we’re all willing to do so!”

Huang Yueli indifferently shot them a glance as she said, “That’s right. The grade of this cultivation method is indeed high and the time that I gave is indeed too short so most of you are not able to learn it successfully.”