Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 938

Chapter 938 Forming The Blood Pact 2

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When they heard what she said, their expressions turned joyous as they thought she had relented having listened to their thoughts, willing to take them all in.

Who knew that Huang Yueli continued, turning her words with a sharp twist, “….. so the majority of you are trash! This manual is something which I used to eliminate the majority of trash around! Scram immediately! Don’t make me repeat myself for the third time!”

Her tone suddenly turned stern as her gaze became chilly while unleashing her Profound Energy, immediately suppressing all those present!

Her cultivation was now at third stage realm ninth level and in Celestial Light Academy, only Yuan Zeyu and Lu Zijue were same as her so her cultivation was an absolute crush on them.

Adding on to the fact that she had defeated Lu Zijue, her fame was even more widespread and no one dared to belittle her now. Instead the minute they heard her name, some even felt frightened!

So those few people were so scared that they started trembling and not daring to say anything more, they hurriedly turned around and ran away.

Huang Yueli turned her vision to the remaining seven people and as her gaze swept past the few of them, she suddenly gave a chilly snigger.

She raised her right hand and a burst of fire attributed Profound Energy shot out from her fingertips!

With a “Bam”, it hit the third male student who was lined up on the left hand side.

He immediately flew outwards and vomited a mouthful of blood in the air before he banged right onto the wall and subsequently falling down onto the ground with his face down, unable to get it.

Everyone was shocked.

“Miss Bai, you…. this…..” Yu Xinyang’s eyes popped out in shock.

Huang Yueli said coldly, “Have I ever told you all that I especially hate it when others try to deceive me! Or did you guys think that just because I’m young, my sight is bad and could not tell whether you had managed to learn that cultivation method! He obviously had not learnt it and still trying to fish in troubled water, does he think that I’m a fool? On the accord that you’re also from South Yue Kingdom, I’m only severing three of your meridians as a small scale punishment to prevent a large scale repetition!”

The male student who was lying flat on the ground trembled!

He had not expected that Huang Yueli actually saw through it!

His luck was considered good as he was on the boundary of advancement and after he cultivated the Earth grade cultivation method, although it was not completed, but because of that he had advanced. He was thinking that he could pretend that his advancement was because he had successfully learnt the cultivation method and show himself in front of Huang Yueli.

His scheme went rather well as he managed to fake it through.

Comparing to those companions who he came along with, none of them could tell the truth at all.

He felt that he was especially smart so he didn’t expect Huang Yueli to be able to tell from just one look! And she had not stood on ceremony in making a move, instantly severing his meridians!

This thunderous method not only stunned the cheater but also stunned the remaining of the others.

Some of them had initially thought Huang Yueli was still young and wanted to deceive her. But now all of them were shocked beyond words, feeling lucky that they didn’t go ahead and stood out like that. Otherwise the person who was seriously injured now would be themselves!

Huang Yueli got Su Qingyue to remove this person before continuing, “Alright, now that the flies have now been thrown out, the second question is: Have you managed to defeat that core student who had been bullying you?”

All of them nodded their heads.

Huang Yueli questioned again, “Who was it who defeated him?”

This time, after the earlier incident, no one dared to lie to raise their own standing as all of them turned to look towards Yu Xinyang.

Yu Xinyang raised his head and setting his eyes onto Huang Yueli, “It was me. I had sent Jiang Hongyi a battle challenger in the Martial Arts Stage three days ago and defeated him successfully!”