Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 939

Chapter 939 Forming The Blood Pact 3

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Huang Yueli accessed him from head to toe as she revealed some deep thoughts.

Su Qingyue saw that she kept silence and stood up to add on, “Sister Li, Junior Brother Yu is indeed a rough diamond. Among the few of us, he was the first one to successfully learn this Earth grade cultivation method. Moreover, he had proposed the battle towards Jiang Hongyi! What’s more, Junior Brother Yu was still a second stage realm ninth level practitioner some days ago but now he had successfully advanced into third stage realm!”

Huang Yueli raised her brows as she laughed, “Sister Su, you’re rather quick to speak on behalf of Senior Brother Yu?”

Su Qingyue immediately blushed as she continued on, “Sister Li, I’m speaking the truth! I’m just afraid you’d miss a talent!”

Huang Yueli nodded, “I know. And you probably couldn’t tell that not only had Senior Brother Yu learnt that cultivation method, he even has managed to accomplish some gains on the second level of the cultivation method! This innate talent and comprehension is indeed not bad at all.”

A joyous expression shone on Yu Xinyang’s face.

He had not expected Huang Yueli’s sight to be so sensitive!

He had originally intended to say that he had successful refined the second level of the cultivation method if he was rejected, as an ace to make Huang Yueli change her mind. But he had not expected Huang Yueli to be able to tell!

In this way, not only had he managed to avoid blowing his own trumpet, he had also once again saw for himself Huang Yueli’s ability and insight! This strengthened his determination to follow her!

“Yes, Miss Bai is correct. I’ve indeed successfully refined the second level of the cultivation method!”

Huang Yueli nodded and suddenly changed the topic as she asked, “Senior Brother Yu, have you considered carefully on whether to follow me? You must think carefully because once you’ve decided, it will mean that you need to form at least a ten year Blood Pact with me. Furthermore, you must take orders from me and listen to all my commands!”

“I’ve already decided which is why I came today!” Yu Xinyang replied hastily.

Huang Yueli asked, “Really? Is it worth it to make such a huge sacrifice? Senior Brother Yu, why on earth would you agree to such harsh conditions of mine?”

The atmosphere went into a deep silence the minute she said those words.

This question was somewhat too sensitive and extremely difficult to answer.

If one were to reply that he was smitten by her glamour and willing to follow her, that would be too fake. But if one was to reply because of the cultivation method resources that she had on hand and so superficial, so Huang Yueli would probably not be happy to hear that!

Those standing towards the back were feeling rather lucky that they were not the first to be questions. Otherwise they really didn’t know how to reply.

They all shot their gazes towards Yu Xinyang, waiting to hear how he would respond.

Yu Xinyang paused for a short period of time but very quickly, he revealed a resolute expression.

“Miss Bai, I believe that nothing can be hidden from you and I have no wish to lie to you! The reason why I’m willing to follow you is mainly because you’re powerful enough and further, you have the cultivation methods and Profound Skills which I dream of having! If I don’t follow you, I’d probably not be able to find any other chances in Celestial Light Academy, and I….. am not reconciled to just drift along for these five years. I want to become stronger!”

Huang Yueli didn’t look at him, instead her finger was playing with a set of teacup lying on the table.

Yu Xinyang continued, “But the main reason why I made this final decision was because of your bearing! In the past, it’s not like there hadn’t been any core student who came to recruit me but only you had directly thrown out an Earth grade cultivation method manual! With this kind of style, it made my understood that if I’m loyal enough, I will be able to obtain the things I want from you.”