Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Forming The Blood Pact 4

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When Yu Xinyang spoke his mind, the few of them around him had their eyes wide open, feeling that he turned muddled!

Although everyone were here for cultivation methods, but those with a bit of sense would not easily say these out!

He actually, really….. said that?

What they should do now was to praised Huang Yueli to the skies and say out some flatters which even they could not believe it themselves. The more resounding the flatter the better!

This Yu Xinyang…. Usually he was very straight but now he was even straighter…. Did water enter his brain?

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards but not revealing a smile, “Senior Brother Yu, you’re indeed a smart one! And further, an honest person!”

Yu Xinyang continued stably, “Those words of hypocrite has no meaning. I don’t know how to lie and I’m willing to form the Blood Pact. This indeed consists of my own motives but as I’m a man of my words, as long as Miss Bai is willing to take me in, I’ll follow your wishes seriously and absolutely will not have any ideas of betrayal! No matter how tough your requests are, I will definitely settle it for you!”

Huang Yueli looked at him deeply, as though she was trying to judge the authenticity in his words.

Moments later, she revealed a smile, “Just nice, I like smart people and more than that, I like honest people!”

Yu Xinyang turned joyous, “Miss Bai, does that mean you’re willing to take me in?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Since you are so sincere, then let’s form the Blood Pact on the spot!”

The reason why she was willing to take in Yu Xinyang was because he was an honest person!

Huang Yueli was not afraid of his desires because no matter if he wanted cultivation methods or Profound Armaments, she was able to satisfy his needs, as long as she had his absolute loyalty! Honestly was her greatest demand!

Yu Xinyang nodded his head in anticipation.

The two of them made a slit on their fingertips and with a slight flick, a drop of blood soared into the sky.

Under the control of her Profound Energy, a small drip of blood spread out, drawing a streak of red trace in the sky and following the movements of her Profound Energy, it drew out a special array rune.

Within three breaths timing, the array pattern was formed.

With a point of her finger, Yu Xinyang’s blood on his finger integrated into the array pattern and after that, he fell onto the middle of his forehead.

Yu Xinyang felt a scorching pain on his forehead but after a short moment, it faded away.

He touched his forehead and a special feeling rose in his heart – this Blood Pact was successfully formed like that!

Everyone were absorbed into the scenario as they went into a daze.

Forming a Blood Pact was actually a cumbersome matter as it required the integration of both parties’ blood and requiring some special skill to tie up the process. Most practitioners under fifth stage realm didn’t have enough concentration to be able to form their own Blood Pact and would normally require the assistance of some Profound Armament.

But Huang Yueli managed to complete it so easily??

After the Blood Pact was successfully formed, Yu Xinyang prostrated onto the ground and kowtowed towards Huang Yueli.

“Your subordinate Yu Xinyang pays his respect to Master!”

Huang Yueli replied, “Don’t address me as Master, it sounds so awkward. In future just address me as Third Miss will do.”

“Yes!” Yu Xinyang hurried responded.

Huang Yueli spoke again, “Since you’re my first subordinate forming a Blood Pact, it is considered as a form of fate. Furthermore, I admire you honesty so I’m going to give you a present as a gesture of our first meeting.”

Saying that, she flipped her fingers around and retrieved a piece of Profound Armament from her interspatial ring.


Upon seeing the item in her hand, Yu Xinyang’s eyeballs almost dropped out from its sockets.