Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 942

Chapter 942 Must Be Dreaming 2

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They all felt that Yu Xinyang’s luck was just a little too good!

Earlier when Huang Yueli raised her questions, he had obviously given such a terrible reply, simply could be said that he didn’t even use his brain while answering!

In the end, Huang Yueli actually liked such truthful words and not only did she took him in, she even gave him so much advantages!

Actually, before coming here, Yu Xinyang was the only one who was bent on forming the Blood Pact with Huang Yueli and the others merely followed along with the thought of being a spectator. They all felt that to swear their allegiance to Huang Yueli was do-able but…. to form a Blood Pact wasn’t a small matter at all! It was equivalent to putting their lives into the other party’s hands!

So at the very beginning, it was only Yu Xinyang who kept talking and they were just hiding on one side watching, thinking to act as the circumstances demanded.

In the end, who would had expected that Yu Xinyang being the first person to form the Blood Pact to actually obtain such heavenly benefits!

Fifth tier lower grade Profound Armament!

What kinda dog-sh*t luck was this! In order to win this subordinate over, Huang Yueli had really threw in a large sum of money!

If they knew that being the first one to form a Blood Pact would be able to gain such benefits, they would have grabbed this opportunity earlier! Unfortunately, no one had the ability to foresee what would happen so they could only let Yu Xinyang that lucky fellow to gain all the advantages!

The few of them were still thinking of this just as they saw Huang Yueli move her hand again and brought out more stuff from her interspatial ring.

“Besides Profound Weapon, here is a set of fourth tier Profound Armour. Don’t assume that this grade is low and it’s worthless. In actual fact, this is an entire set. Under the circumstances that you are fully equipped, your defence power will be doubled! Besides these, the set of Earth grade cultivation method that I had given you the other time only states the contents of the first two levels. Since you’ve already mastered it, I shall give you the next four levels as well! I have here a set of Profound Skill for curved blade moves and this is also Earth grade lower level. If you’re able to master it, along with the curved blade that I’ve given you, your attack power will definitely increase by several notches!”

As Huang Yueli took every single piece of item out from her interspatial ring, she kept explaining each and every one of it to Yu Xinyang.

Every single piece she took out surprised everyone!

By the time she had taken out everything, the others were not only shocked, they also felt that…. they must be dreaming…..

Right, it must be a dream!

Otherwise, how could such an abnormal thing happen…

“Th…th.. this…”

Yu Xinyang became completely speechless.

Earlier when Huang Yueli gave him that curved blade, he already felt overwhelmed by favour from her and couldn’t wait to offer his own life in sacrifice!

But that was only just an appetizer!

There were even more surprises at the back, so much that he felt that he wasn’t able to take it any further!

How could there be someone who was so rich? This was simply beyond his imagination!

He prostrated to the ground as he cried out, “Third Miss, these things…. are simply…. simply too expensive. Your subordinate’s cultivation is very lowly and moreover, I have yet to do anything for Third Miss so taking these things really make me feel guilty! I beg Third Miss to please reclaim it back!”

Hearing what he said, the others standing behind him were all scolding him as a fool secretly in their hearts.

Such a good opportunity to get rich and he still pushed it back! They were all so envious that they could die, alright?

But yet Huang Yueli’s reply was, “You are indeed not worthy of these items yet so these are on loan to you temporarily. My demand is you must, within the next three months, master that Earth grade cultivation method and raise your cultivation to third stage realm third level! Simultaneously, you must enter the top fifty of Martial Arts Stage! If you’re not able to fulfil any of these, that means you’re a trash not worthy of my investment! So these things, I will reclaim it back totally, do you understand what I just said?”