Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 943

Chapter 943 Must Be Dreaming 3

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Yu Xinyang finally understood what she meant as he hastily responded, “Yes, your subordinate understands! I will definitely not disappoint Third Miss’ expectations!”

Yu Xinyang himself was a fifth grade talent and wasn’t considered too bad at all. Plus the fact that his power of comprehension was very high so he originally had high hopes of becoming a core student.

Unfortunately his birth wasn’t too well and he had met with oppression from Sky Cloud City’s disciples which was why he was reduced to today’s state.

Now that Huag Yueli had given him cultivation methods, Profound Armament, Pills and most importantly, the confidence and opportunity to defeat the opponent, Yu Xinyang naturally wouldn’t let it go!

Becoming the top fifty of Martial Arts Stage seemed like an unachievable target but now…. it was something which he was determined to obtain!

Hearing the pair’s conversations, those who followed Yu Xinyang here were simply jealous till they were about to go mad.

They all knelt down at the same time and swore their loyalty towards Huang Yueli with great hopes that she would take them in.

“Third Miss, please take us in too! My innate talent is much better than Yu Xinyang’s! And I will definitely be able to master the Earth grade cultivation method and enter the top fifties of the Martial Arts Stage!”

“Third Miss, although my innate talent is just so-so, but I’m very good at managing stuff! No matter what you want me to do, I can do it all!”

“Third Miss, please look at me! My request is not high at all. As long as you can give me a set of fourth tier Profound Armament, I will form the Blood Pact with you!”

A bunch of Celestial Light Academy students started to promote themselves, describing themselves as priceless, all so that they would be another’s servant!

If any outsider were to see this, they would absolutely not believe their eyes!

Which same aged practitioner among the Celestial Light Academy students were not well-known figures and all of them were proud and arrogant so why would they be willing to form a Blood Pact with another person to become their servant? Moreover, it wasn’t forced but rather it was their own selves who stuck around her, afraid that she wouldn’t accept them!

However, Huang Yueli who was held up into the skies by them, really didn’t consider them at all.

“You want me to form a Blood Pact with you? Hehe, I already said this the last round. Since you’ve already missed the previous chance, in future when you beg me, I might not take you in! You’ve not even managed to master the second level of the cultivation method. Is it because your innate talent is too bad or because you’re not hardworking enough! Moreover, earlier some of them hesitated. Did you really think I didn’t see through that?”

“Third Miss, I’m wrong, in future I will correct myself!”

“Right, Third Miss, I beg you to give me another chance and I will not disappoint you again!”

The crowd started to plead with them.

Huang Yueli then replied, “To take you in… is impossible. But I can give you another chance! In future, you will all listen to Yu Xinyang’s instructions and if there’s any matter, he will rely it to you and you’ll do as he says! I will be watching your performance and I will consider those who really put in effort.”

That bunch of people rapidly swore to express their agreement and pledge their loyalty towards Third Miss, promising to do well in all her instructions!

Huang Yueli gave a slight cold smile and not saying anything more, she sent them all away.

She was very clear that among these people, only Yu Xinyang and Su Qingyue were righteous which was why she treated them so well.

As for those who swayed along with the wind, she was currently in shortage of manpower so using them to her advantage wasn’t too bad at all. But she would absolutely not give them too much benefits.

The only reason why she had given so much rewards to Yu Xinyang in front of them was because she wanted to use this huge carrot to hang their appetites. To let them see the advantages that they would gain from forming a Blood Pact with her, so that they would use their lives to be of service to her!