Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Murong Fei Who Was Unwilling To Give Up 2

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“Wedding? What wedding?” Li Moying’s face sunk, “Murong Fei and my wedding? Where did you hear such a rumour?”

His voice turned extremely sinister making Jiang Tuxin shiver uncontrollably.

“This….. I…..” He didn’t expect Li Moying to be so angry as he didn’t dare to continue talking.

“Explain clearly!”

“Yes… when I made a trip back to the Sect, I heard quite a number of people talking about it, saying that you and Eldest Young Miss were about to get engaged. They were saying that Sect Master had intended to wait till you’ve broken through to eight stage realm and pass the Sect Master position to you. But as he couldn’t not be rest assured so he decided to use the way of allying through marriage…..”

Li Moying sneered, “Where on earth would such a ridiculous rumour appear from! My Master, among the ninth stage realm top exponents is not considered old and can at least hold the helm for at least another hundred years! As for Murong and me…. Will I marry such a woman like her? I still have debts which I have not settled with her!”

Jiang Tuxin had not expected to hear such things as he was extremely shocked, not daring to say a single word more.

He had thought that although Young Sect Master and Eldest Young Miss were not a couple, but at least they were childhood friends. After all they grew up together but whoever knew that from Young Sect Master’s tone, he seemed to have some vengeance with Murong Fei?

Everyone in Celestial Light Academy knew that Li Moying was saved by Sect Master Murong in the snow fields and Sect Master Murong was his benefactor! Why would he go against the Sect Master’s daughter?

Li Moying didn’t noticed Jiang Tuxin’s expression as he squinted his icy cold eyes making a chilly expression.

Previously after his little fox had been pursued at length, he had been investigating this matter and finally found the person who tried to murder her was Celestial Light Sect’s direct disciple Zuo Fangping.

But Zuo Fangping and his little fox had no enmity at all so there should be someone in the shadows who was instigating him to do so. He thought for quite some time and among those who couldn’t stand Huang Yueli and was able to instigate a direct disciple like Zuo Fangping could only be Murong Fei.

Of course, Murong Ni was also a suspect but her status in the Sect wasn’t as reputable as her sister so Zuo Fangping would definitely not listen to her commands.

Li Moying was already eighty percent sure in his heart but unfortunately Murong Fei was very discreet in her planning and she had covered herself well after the matter. She didn’t leave any single piece of evidence in the communication between herself and Zuo Fangping.

Besides that, she was also Li Moying’s benefactor’s daughter. Without any actual evidence, if he were to deal her with a severe hand, the result was equivalent to completely breaking the relationship with Murong De!

Towards his benefactor who had given him a second life, Li Moying was filled with gratitude so he must obtain evidence before he could confront Murong Fei with his revenge.

After that, he also warned Murong Fei on this personally.

But Murong Fei pretended to be a white lotus, not only had she denied the entire matter of trying assassinate Huang Yueli, she even shed some tears of grievance.

When this happened, quite a number of disciples were at the scene!

At that moment, every kind of rumour between him and Murong Fei started to spread throughout the entire Celestial Light Sect and this had directly caused him to be unable to stay any longer in the Sect. The minute the tournament ended, he quickly came to Celestial Light Academy to look for his little fox.

Li Moying paused for a couple of seconds as he forcefully suppressed the rage within and said, “The matter you are talking about, I know about it and I’ll handle it. You don’t need to worry about the Sect continuing to hold back Celestial Light Academy’s resources. It’s also impossible for me to allow Murong Fei to come and supervise your work. You don’t need to go back to our Sect temporarily, to save the trouble of being threatened by Murong Fei!”

Jiang Tuxin quickly responded, “Yes, I will follow whatever Young Sect Master instructs!”