Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 946

Chapter 946 Murong Fei Who Was Unwilling To Give Up 3

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Li Moying claimed, “The most important thing now is to find out who is that rat in the academy! To be able to pull off such tricks beneath my eyes and inform the Sect about Bai Ruoli’s information, this fellow has got some capability and his guts is also not small! We must catch the rat!”

“Yes, yes, your subordinate understands!”

Li Moying waved his hand expressing that Jiang Tuxin could leave now.

But Jiang Tuxin’s feet didn’t move at all as his face bore an expression which seemed like he had something else to say.

“What other matters do you have?”

Jiang Tuxin hesitated for a moment, “Young Sect Master, you…. you really don’t want to reconsider the marriage with Eldest Young Miss? Even if you don’t like her, there’s still Second Young Miss…..”

Li Moying’s face sunk, “What else do you want to say? Haven’t I made myself clear earlier!”

Jiang Tuxin hurriedly added on, “Young Sect Master, I was only…. Only afraid that you don’t understand the current situation that the Sect is in right now. I heard that… heard that Young Master Li had already proposed to Eldest Young Miss but her heart had always been filled with you and she didn’t agree to it while Sect Master also prefers you… If you really don’t accept Eldest Young Miss, then there is a high possibility that she would marry Young Master Li! In this way, Young Master Li will possibly threaten your position!”

The Young Master Li that Jiang Tuxin was referring to was Murong De’s second disciple Li Lingchuan.

Li Lingchuan had always been eyeing the Young Sect Master’s position and had even publicly shed all pretence of cordiality with Li Moying so this was widely known throughout the entire Celestial Light Sect.

Unfortunately, no matter in terms of innate talent, capability or charm, he was totally not Li Moying’s match as he still had a long way to go.

If Li Lingchuan were to marry an outstanding talented lady like Murong Fei and became the Sect Master’s son-in-law, then his stand would no longer be the same! There was a huge possibility that he would be able to obtain the Sect Master’s support to replace Li Moying’s position.

Jiang Tuxin was now thinking of following Li Moying so naturally he would be afraid of such a matter occurring.

Li Moying threw a cold glance at him, “Murong Fei and Li Lingchuan…. If they were really together, it would save my trouble of dealing with them separately! Merely a Celestial Light Sect Young Sect Master’s position, it’s nothing to me! In future, don’t let me hear such talk again. Bai Ruoli and my matters is not something that you can question!”

Jiang Tuxin could tell that he was really angry and his heart wrenched together, not daring to say a single word more.

But inside his heart, he was still muddled.

Young Sect Master….. surely he couldn’t have been bewitched by that little lass right? How on earth would he protect her so much? Not even bothering about Li Lingchuan’s threat and totally not considering Murong Fei’s allied marriage?? What was he thinking about?

Didn’t he knew that in the way of cultivation, it’s not merely based on innate talent but also a huge amount of resources! He could only grew stronger with a huge backing like Celestial Light Sect!

Huang Yueli was indeed beautiful and her innate talent was indeed outstanding but she was just an orphan! Even if her father Bai Liu Feng had not disappeared, he was merely an eighth stage realm practitioner and against a colossus like Celestial Light Sect, it was simply incomparable!


Huang Yueli was just outside the door and had unknowingly finished listening to their conversation.

When Jiang Tuxin mentioned about the marriage between Li Moying and Murong Fei, she became anxious for a moment as her heartbeat kept increasing.

Even though she had not met this legendary Young Miss from Celestial Light Sect, but she had heard Murong Ni praised how beautiful her elder sister was, and how powerful she was! Moreover, very obviously, had been secretly admiring Li Moying…..