Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 947

Chapter 947 Swindle By False Pretences 1

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However before she even had the time to get upset, Li Moying had flatly denied the relationship with Murong Fei.

Huang Yueli subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief as she felt as if the huge rock in her heart was lifted.

So, he had no feelings towards the childhood friend whom Li Moying grew up with…..

Although Li Moying was facing the challenge by his Junior Brother, he had never once considered to marry his Master’s daughter…..

Huang Yueli had not once doubted Li Moying’s sincerity, but hearing him say these behind her back, so resolutely standing firm by his intentions, she felt a burst of happiness.

But very quickly, the smile on her face froze.

That’s right, what on earth was she happy about?

Whether Li Moying married Murong Fei or with whoever else, what concern was it of hers? Anyway…. She and Li Moying’s marriage was just impossible…..

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli could feel an obvious disappointment within the depths of her heart.

Heavens, was she going mad? She obviously liked….. obviously liked Mu Chengying! Why would she be concerned about Li Moying’s marriage? Why would she feel disappointed when she heard that he would possibly get married to another person, and feel happy when she heard his confession?

Surely she hadn’t really fallen for Li Moying already right??

This… how could this be possible? And how could that be done?

Huang Yueli felt that she was on the verge of a breakdown.

She suddenly realised that recently she had been numbed by the atmosphere in Celestial Light Academy and had actually subconsciously accepted the setting that she and Li Moying were a pair of fiancé and fiancée.

In this academy, and she Li Moying were a couple and was envied by everyone, chased after by masses. That feeling seemed to make her return to her previous life to those days where she and Mu Chengying were together…..

This gave Huang Yueli an illusion, as though things should be like this.

But now, she suddenly awoke but understood that all these were not correct at all!

She and Li Moying….. shouldn’t be like this at all.


In the main hall, Li Moying and Jiang Tuxin’s conversation was still in progress.

Huang Yueli was not in the mood to continue eavesdropping as she left the little courtyard despondently.

Unknowingly, she walked towards the Profound Weapon Chambers.

Just at the entrance of the Profound Weapon Chambers was a crowd surrounding a purple dressed young lady. All of them were fighting to gain her attention by showering her with praises.

“Senior Sister Li, your armament refining skills are really superb! The Profound Armament that you refine is a lot better than most first tier Armament Masters! You’re simply impressive!”

“Isn’t that so? Junior Sister Li is the strongest armament refining genius in Celestial Light Academy’s last ten years! Of course she’s impressive!”

“Three days later would be the day where the Armament Guild certifies the promotion of all new Armament Masters! If Senior Sister Li were to pass the assessment, then you will become the youngest Armament Master in the entire Celestial Light Academy!”

“I really worship Senior Sister Li. Not only is her family background good, she is also pretty and moreover, she knows how to refine armaments. She really makes one envious…”

The scars from the slap on Li Xue’er’s face had long recovered and at this point of time, she was gorgeously dressed, holding on to a circular fan sitting right in the middle of the crowd, obviously enjoying the crowd’s fawning and flattering.

Huang Yueli was stunned, not expecting Li Xue’er to leading such a nourished life.

Ever since she and Li Moying’s marriage arrangement was exposed, all those students who went against her no longer dared to make trouble for her and had all tucked their tail between their legs leading a proper life. Even the previous Martial Arts Stage rank number two’s Lu Zijue didn’t dare to show himself in front of her.

Yet Li Xue’er seemed to be even more flushed with success?