Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 948

Chapter 948 Swindle By False Pretences 2

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For a moment, Huang Yueli had some doubts but very quickly she understood what had happened.

Li Xue’er had fainted from the beating that day and had indeed lost her face terribly.

But subsequently, Li Moying appeared and moreover when he had admitted his marriage arrangement with Huang Yueli, it was also proven that he was Li Xue’er’s second brother!

At that time, both of them were busy flashing off their love so who would be bothered about Li Xue’er who had fainted?

In this way, Li Xue’er not only not became a street rat, her social status had also jumped up by three levels!

She was now the academy’s number one expert, Li Moying’s biological sister and moreover she had an incomparable talented and defying sister-in-law.

To those who didn’t understand the truth, Li Xue’er’s social standing was absolutely not ordinary! Whoever they had to offend, they absolutely cannot offend her! Didn’t they saw Yuan family’s family head had to bow down to her brother and intentionally tried to get into his good books?

Even Yuan Zeyu started to see Li Xue’er in a new light. In the past, he had decided to abandon Li Xue’er and turned to pursue Huang Yueli instead. But now that he knew Huang Yueli was attached, Li Xue’er had turned into Young Sect Master’s biological sister! Even a fool would know what to choose!

Before he went into closed door cultivation, he had personally made a trip to Celestial Light Academy and gave a huge gift to Li Xue’er as an apology, even making his stand clear that as long as she agreed, he would immediately get engaged to her!

Li Xue’er was simply overjoyed. She had not expected that the calamitous bearer of ill luck, Huang Yueli, had now brought her good luck!

Those childes who often treated her with cold and indifferent look in the past were now kneeling by her feet to gain her attention whereas the other ordinary students treated her like the academy’s princess, raising her up into the skies.

During this period, Li Xue’er was walking in the air.

Fantastic! It was just too fantastic!

This day, it was just like any other day where she was surrounded in the middle by a bunch of students who tried to flatter her.

Just as she was feeling great, suddenly she heard a voice which she hated in her entire life from her back.

“Li Xue’er, looks like you’re mingling quite well eh? The slaps which I had given you seemed to have totally recovered?”

Li Xue’er instantly turned backwards, “You…. Bai Ruoli!”

Fire seem to sprout out from the bottom of her eyes.

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards and her expression was filled with ridicule, “Isn’t it just old me? Li Xue’er, aren’t you just too impolite? Is this how you talk when you meet your sister-in-law?”

Upon seeing her face which was becoming more and more delicate, Li Xue’er’s heart started to rose a deep sense of jealousy!

If it was the usual times, she would had went right up ahead and quarrelled with Huang Yueli. Sister-in-law? Wanted to let her admit that this little slut was her sister-in-law? In her next lifetime maybe!

But now…..

She was helming on to the identity of Li Moying’s younger sister so that she could continue to swindle by false pretences in the academy! Now in front of so many people, if she were to go against Huang Yueli, it would affect her social standing in the academy!

If anyone managed to find out that she and Li Moying were, in fact, not very close siblings but was more like enemies, then she was completely finished!

She was still hoping to use this opportunity to mislead others to use her identity as Li Moying’s seventh sister to get married into one of Sky Cloud City’s aristocratic families!

With her identity, if she wanted to change her fortune for her lower half of her life to get married to those large families’ genius successors, then this would be the best opportunity!

Because of this, she would tolerate. Wasn’t it just lowering her head to this wretched lass?

Li Xue’er clenched her teeth and tolerated time and again before bowing down to pay her respect.

“Second Sister-in-law, I haven’t seen you for a few days now. You look pretty good?”