Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 949

Chapter 949 Swindle By False Pretences 3

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Li Xue’er self-admitted that she had already used her greatest sincerity to bow and bend her knee.

But when Huang Yueli heard that, not only did she denied to comment by smiling, she also didn’t have any intention to ask her to stand up straight and only let her continued to bow down.

Awkwardness filled the entire place.

Those students had originally came by to please Li Xue’er had their eyes wide open when they saw this scene.

“Isn’t Bai Ruoli Li Xue’er’s sister-in-law? Why is she treating her in this way, not giving her any face? What happened between the two of them?”

“No idea? Probably they had a tiff? Previous at Yuan residence, both of them were pretty unpleasant isn’t it?”

“But no matter how unpleasant they are with each other, Li Xue’er is still Senior Brother Li’s biological sister. The sister and sister-in-law not getting along isn’t anything new as many other families have such a problem as well!”

Li Xue’er’s face flushed a shade of red.

Of course she knew that Huang Yueli was playing around with her!

Huang Yueli and Li Moying and her, Li Xue’er, harboured a deep hatred! Now she was using both their names to enjoy being pleased by others, how would Huang Yueli be happy from this? It was apparent that she was here now to get back at her.

But Li Xue’er couldn’t not accept this.

Furthermore, she was still holding on to a sliver of hope that because she and Li Moying were really siblings, no matter how bad their relationship was, she could always explain it as the family’s internal rife.

So she only need to handle Huang Yueli and when she left, she would be able to find a way to explain this entire matter!

Now, she could only follow along with her…..

Li Xue’er bore with it for a little while but still didn’t hear Huang Yueli say a single word so she could only lower her stance.

“Second Sister-in-law, are you still upset over what happened that time at Yuan residence? It wasn’t intentional at all. I was worried that Mister Yuan would say something which would make Second Brother misunderstand! Even if what I said was slightly drastic, but you had also taught me a lesson then so are you still upset? How about I’ll apologize to you again?

Huang Yueli sneered, “Li Xue’er, I have really never seen such a thick-skinned person like you! Do you still treat me as your sister-in-law? You have repeatedly tried to kill me time and again so who do you think I am? Now you’ve learnt how to act pitiful?”

Li Xue’er’s reaction was instant as she knew that to meet force with force wasn’t practical. Not only did she not have the ability, it would also ascertain that she wasn’t on good terms with her second brother and second sister-in-law.

Her expression changed as she blinked and her eyes started to moistened, as though she was about to cry anytime soon, even her voice started to quiver.

“Second… Sister-in-law, you… how could you say that of me? I… I had already explained before, it’s my fault that I don’t know how to put it! Even if you don’t forgive me, you need not say me till this way right? After all… I’m your fiancé’s sister and in future we will all be one big family so why must you be so vengeful?”

When the bystanders saw, they started to shoot sympathetic looks towards Li Xue’er.

Huang Yueli had always been an absolute powerful and overbearing existence in Celestial Light Academy. No matter if it was in the entrance examinations, Martial Arts Stage battle or even at Yuan residence’s banquet, she had always been stepping on those who challenged her, stepping upwards always!

Every time she struck, it would always because she was challenged by others and under the circumstances where she could no longer take it in then would she retaliate.

But in any ordinary person’s eyes, they would not think that she was being oppressed before she struck. What they saw was her shocking capability and strong attitude which no one dared to offend!

Compared to Li Xue’er whose eyes had turned red, she was an absolute stronghold! This made Li Xue’er look extremely pitiful.