Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Shamelessness Is Hereditary? 1

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Huang Yueli’s glare turned chilly, “The person I’m insulting are not Armament Masters but you, a worthless piece of trash! Moreover, have you forgotten the warning which I told you previously?”

“W… What?”

Li Xue’er was stunned because she had indeed forgotten but instinct made her feel danger.

Just as she was still in a daze, Huang Yueli’s right hand waved as a strong Profound Energy was unleashed striking Li Xue’er on the chest.

In the shocking cries from the bystanders, Li Xue’er flew heavily away as a trace of blood flowed down from the corners of her lips.

“Bai Ruoli, you… you actually dare to attack me!”

Huang Yueli’s strike this time wasn’t heavy at all so Li Xue’er could still get up as she clutched her chest to complain.

Huang Yueli sneered icily, “Haven’t I already taught you this last time? As an Armament Master, in front of a practitioner whose ability is much, much higher than yours, you should tuck your tail away and act properly like a person! Don’t treat other people’s respect towards you as a shameless investment! Looks like you didn’t remember my words properly so as your Second Sister-in-law, I must teach you properly!”

“You…. You…”

Li Xue’er was both anxious and angry and this worsened her internal injury. Her chest hurt like mad and both her eyes saw black as she almost fainted.

The bystander students were all tongue tied when they saw this as they didn’t expected Huang Yueli to strike suddenly.

It was until now that they recalled that Huang Yueli was a super genius who was ranked third in the Martial Arts Stage! If she really wanted to hurt anyone, no one else would be able to stop her!

Li Xue’er grew even more frustrated when she saw their attitudes.

Just a quarter of an hour ago, these people were still fawning on her, praising her to the skies as though there was no other talented student in the entire Celestial Light Academy!

But now that Huang Yueli stood up, these people’s attitudes changed immediately??

No, if they confirmed that her relationship with her Second Brother was not good, then in the future, she would have no way of getting along in Celestial Light Academy!

Li Xue’er clenched her teeth as she spoke up, “Bai Ruoli, I’ve remembered the insult you treated me today! Now that Second Brother isn’t here, you dare to be so arrogant towards me. Later when Second Brother knows how you treat me, he will definitely get even for me! Let’s wait and see!”

Huang Yueli smiled slightly as she was very clear on what Li Xue’er was planning.

She wanted to mislead these students into thinking that she had a standing in Li Moying’s heart so that these people were still willing to fawn on her!

Huang Yueli took a meaningful glance at her and was just about to speak.

But someone spoke out first.

“Now that I know this already, who am I going to get even with? Hmm? Li Xue’er, you have a lot of guts to speak to Li’er in this way? Looks like I was too courteous to you when I was in South Yue Kingdom and this had made you dare to treat my woman in such an outrageous way?”

A deep and bleak man’s voice was heard, bearing a visibly sinister and cold intention.

Li Xue’er’s entire body shook as she raised her head unbelievably.

Huang Yueli also raised her brows in surprise and as she looked back, she saw Li Moying’s tall and straight body structure, almost totally sticking to the back of her, shielding the sunlight from the top.

She pursed her lips, feeling somewhat uneasy.

In front of this man, she always seemed so petite, with such a vivid contrast against his tall and lean body. Adding on to the comparison between their abilities, it always made her fell into a weaker position.

Furthermore, Li Moying’s capability was just a little too strong right?

When did he appear behind her? She actually didn’t noticed at all?