Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Shamelessness Is Hereditary? 2

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Upon seeing Li Moying’s side view of his handsome but cold face, Li Xue’er only felt her entire body turning cold as she started to tremble uncontrollably.

Why would Li Moying suddenly appeared here? When did he arrive?

Why did it have to be at that precise moment when she was just exaggerating about their sibling relationship that he had to show up?

This… how was she going to cover up this lie now?

“Senior Brother Li actually showed up! Too good looking, this is the first time I’m looking at Senior Brother Li from such a close distance. He already looks very handsome from afar and now from close up, he’s even more… I’m going to faint…..”

“You’re the most love-struck idiot! Why don’t you even think that Senior Brother Li’s fiancée is just standing by the side!”

“I’m just looking at him only…. But now that Senior Brother Li’s fiancée and his biological sister are fighting, how is he going to handle this?”

“He would definitely stand on his sister’s side, after all blood is thicker than water!”

“That might not necessarily be true. Senior Brother Li and Bai Ruoli’s relationship is said to be very good so maybe he might listen to Junior Sister Bai?”

The bystanders’ whispered discussions had echoed into Li Xue’er’s ears and this made her even more embarrassed, her forehead drenched in sweat.

What’s that about blood thicker than water or standing on the sister’s side. Only Li Xue’er herself knew that this was absolutely not possible!

Earlier she had even provoked Huang Yueli so much. Based on how much Li Moying pampered this wretched lass, if he didn’t tore her into pieces, it would probably be because of their sibling relationship…..

Li Moying stared at her icily, “Why are you not talking? Are you dumb? Earlier….. weren’t you happily exaggerating?”

Li Xue’er kept absolutely silent, so silent that even the surrounding students couldn’t bear it any further.

Most of them were still standing on Li Xue’er’s side. After all they had spent several days trying to win Li Xue’er over and within their inner hearts, they didn’t hope that their efforts were wasted, fawning on the wrong party.

“Junior Sister Li, now that Senior Brother Li is here, quickly tell him what happened earlier?”

“That’s right. Bai Ruoli actually started beating you up the minute things didn’t fall through, isn’t she such a bully! She even dared to sow discord between your sibling relationship!”

“That’s right. She dared to create the rumor that your Second Brother didn’t like you! And even gave you a beating, that’s just too much!”

As Li Moying heard their comments, the cold glint beneath his eyes grew stronger as his gaze swept past all those chatterboxes, making them all shiver and shutting their mouths up effectively.

Li Xue’er braced herself as she greeted, “Se…. Second Brother…..”

Li Moying humpfed, “What Second Brother? I’m not worthy of your greeting Second Brother! Your mother is my enemy who murdered my mother and your brother even nearly killed me by dumping me into the icy cold snow! If it wasn’t because of the instruction which my mother told me before she died, I would have sought your lives long ago! And now you’re not tucking your tail behind your back, do you think I’ve treated you way too well?”

“N…. No, Second Brother!”

When Li Moying blurted these out, those who heard it all bore a shocked expression.

No one could have imagined that Li Moying and Li Xue’er were not born from the same mother and from the sound of it, it seemed that their enmity were rather deep!

Those present were mostly descendants from Sky Cloud City’s large families and they were often exposed to these sort of aristocratic family feuds so in their brains, many scenarios were fed into it and they instantly understood what had happened.

But following that, they wouldn’t help but wished that they could banged their heads onto the walls to kill themselves!

They were really too silly. Facing Li Moying’s enemy and fawning on her for so many days, thinking that she was some leg which they could hope to hug upon!

Now that things have come to this, this was considered as….. fawning onto the horses’ hooves??

At that moment, everyone felt that they were swindled and the gazes they threw towards Li Xue’er were extremely unfriendly.