Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 953

Chapter 953 Shamelessness Is Hereditary? 3

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Li Xue’er turned anxious as she felt their gazes turned onto her.

She hastily called out, “Second Brother, this… this has nothing to do with me! When Mother and Eldest Brother did that, I… I was only four years old and I knew nothing at all, nothing at all! How can you put the sins that they had committed sins onto me? I will draw a clear line with them in future and will not keep in contact with Mother and Eldest Brother! Second Brother, I’ve always been standing on your side!”

When she said this kind of shameless thing, before Li Moying could say a word, Huang Yueli couldn’t take it and wanted to throw up.

“Li Xue’er, I’m almost going to vomit! I’ve never seen such a shameless person like you before! Have you forgotten the time when you, your Mother and Eldest Brother tried to harm me and Moying? You’ve tried several times to kill me, so don’t tell me I’m sleepwalking! You’ve always been on your Second Brother’s side…. Hur hur, obviously it’s because you realised that your Second Brother is powerful enough and your Eldest Brother has no more use to you, so you casted Mojun aside, not admitting him now? Do you really think we’re all idiots?”

Li Xue’er stared at her furiously as she retorted, “It’s all your fault. You’ve always been sowing discord in front of Second Brother! In actual fact, I’ve always been helping Second Brother! I’ve long despised the way Mother and Eldest Brother does things but after all they are my biological relatives so I cannot bear to hurt them!”

Huang Yueli had hit her right on the spot and she was having a guilty conscience so she could only use her voice to explain loudly, attempting to confuse the thinking of the bystanders.

To tell the truth, Huang Yueli really didn’t say anything wrong. She indeed felt that Li Mojun could not render her any help anymore.

When Li Mojun wasn’t injured then, he was already one of the lowest ranked students among the core disciples so it was a hopeless case if he wanted to join Celestial Light Sect. But Li Xue’er was alone in Sky Cloud City and without anyone’s assistance, she could only follow Li Mojun as an ally.

Now that Li Moying had suddenly appeared, Li Xue’er realised that the Crown Prince as compared to her Second Brother was not even worth mentioning as a dreg!

Thinking that she could be as glamourous as she could get, it was all because of her capable brother who was ranked number one!

This kind of glory, she only needed to taste it once and would never want to lose it.

So Li Xue’er had already planned right from the start that as long as she had a chance, she would grab tightly onto Li Moying and as for that worthless Li Mojun, he would become her stepping stone. As long as she was able to get Li Moying to acknowledge her as his seventh sister, she would not hesitate discrediting Li Mojun at all!

The ridicule on Huang Yueli’s mouth grew even more obvious.

“Looks like shamelessness is indeed hereditary! I thought your Mother and Li Mojun were shameless enough but I had not expected you to surpass them! As compared to you, they really are a role model for morality!”

“You… Second Sister-in-law, you’ve really misunderstood me. Why won’t you listen to my explanation? Second Brother, you will listen to my explanation, right?”

Li Xue’er turned teary-eyes as she tried to act pitiful to gain Li Moying’s sympathy.

Huang Yueli’s eyebrows rose as she use her elbow to jab the man standing behind her, “Hey, Second Brother, your little sister is asking you a question! Do you believe her?”

Li Moying didn’t even cast a glance onto Li Xue’er as he stretched out his hand and held onto Huang Yueli’s waist bringing her into his embrace. The other hand pinched little cheek, “What question are you asking, I’m no idiot alright? Besides that, I don’t have any little sister, I only have…. a little fiancée.”