Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 954

Chapter 954 Shamelessness Is Hereditary? 4

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Li Xue’er’s face turned ghostly white when she heard that.

Looks of sympathy, ridicule and despise shot from all around which made her so embarrassed that she had no place to hide.

She had not expected Li Moying to not have any sentimental feelings and threw her reputation and face entirely onto the ground to step upon!

She had originally thought that no matter what, she was Li Moying’s biological sister and as she had not directly harmed Li Moying, he would take into account their sibling relation but she had not expected…..

Li Moying lowered his head as he blew a breathe onto Huang Yueli’s ear.

Huang Yueli’s ear was extremely sensitive and it instantly flushed red.

She indignantly rolled her eyes at him and shoved him, “Stop fooling around, there’re so many people watching! Quickly settle your ‘excellent’ sister!”

Li Moying was extremely unhappy about being shoved aside by his little fox as his face sunk and his icy cold gaze turned towards Li Xue’er.

“Li Xue’er, this is the last time I’m warning you! Although my Mother had made me vow not to hurt anyone in the Li family that year, but Li’er is my bottom line~ If I see you saw or do any disrespectful things to Li’er, I will absolutely throw that vow aside anytime! By then, don’t blame me for not reminding you on this!”

Li Xue’er trembled from shock. In front of an overbearing seventh stage realm practitioner’s oppression, both her legs turned to jelly as she could not even breathe!

She knew that Li Moying was different from Huang Yueli.

Li Moying’s blood was cold and he was even more overbearing, even more emotionless and aloof! Furthermore….. he absolutely did what he said!

So his words were not only empty threats.

“Yi? What smell is that? It’s so stinky!”

“It’s…. from Li Xue’er? The smell came from her!”

Everyone held their noses as they threw a look of despise towards her.

Li Xue’er lowered her head blankly and suddenly realised a warm sensation in between her legs…. Under Li Moying’s overbearing oppression, she had unknowingly wet her pants!

She shrieked out as she quickly used both hands to cover her face!

To wet her pants in public and being found out by everyone, this wasn’t just any ordinary way of losing face! She was still a lady!

Li Xue’er wished she could dig a hole and hide herself into it, never coming out to see anyone.

She suddenly sprung right up, turned around and fled! As she fled, she didn’t forget to cover her face up, worried that someone would recognise her in the middle of her escape.

Huang Yueli didn’t expect her to really wet her pants as she too went into a blank.

It was until Li Xue’er had fled before she regained her senses and shook her head as she laughed, “Gasp! This is really called….. to piss in one’s pants in terror!”

The chilly frost in Li Moying’s charming cherry blossom eyes slowly melted away and in replacement was filled with gentleness.

“Happy now? Li’er?”

Huang Yueli pouted her lips pamperedly, “Still alright…”

The main character had been scared off and those remaining bystander students didn’t dare to stay around. Hadn’t they seen for themselves how viciously he had treated his own sister! If they were to pull his whiskers, wouldn’t they died even more horribly!

Everyone’s thinking were in sync as they slowly nudged away, not wanting to alarm Li Moying and Huang Yueli and quietly slipped away.

Huang Yueli saw this from the corner of her eyes and suddenly called out aloud, “Wait a minute, don’t run away! I’m talking about you, the one in blue on the left!”

The young lady dressed in blue had already ran quite a distance away, thinking of leaving this unsafe place.

In the end, she was pointed out by Huang Yueli.