Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Armament Master Certification 1

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The young lady in blue trembled with fear as she stopped in her tracks.

“Junior…. Sister Bai, what instructions do you have for me?”

Huang Yueli laughed, “You don’t need to be so anxious. I only wanted to ask this, earlier…. I heard what all of you were talking about and you mentioned that three days later would be the Armament Guild’s certification assessment. Is there such a matter?”

Blue dress lady heaved a sigh of relief as she replied, “This is indeed true. Junior Sister Bai, you’ve just joined Celestial Light Academy so you probably aren’t sure. In Celestial Light Academy, there are quite a number of students who learn Armament refining and every year, the Armament Guild will conduct a standalone certification assessment for Celestial Light Academy which only those students or teachers in the academy will be allowed to attend. If they pass the assessment and officially become an Armament Master, then their treatment will directly be upgraded the same as Martial Arts Stage top ten ranking and besides that they would be able to gain Honorary Points as a form of reward!”

She had assumed that Huang Yueli wanted to settle the old debt with her but in the end, it was just to ask her some matters.

Blue dress lady actively explained everything that she knew to her.

“So it’s like this…” Huang Yueli muttered irresolutely, “No wonder Li Xue’er is acting so complacently today!”

“Isn’t that so! Senior Sister Li holds the most hope to become an Armament Master in this round of certification assessment! Other students could only take part in the Armament apprentice assessment only. Senior Sister Li is not yet eighteen but her innate talent in armament refining is rather good… oops!”

Blue dress lady was happily talking as she said out everything she had in her heart when she suddenly recalled that Huang Yueli and Li Xue’er were enemies so she hurriedly shut her mouth up.

She took a quick glance at Huang Yueli nervously, worried that she would be lashed out at.

However Huang Yueli only waved her hand as she said, “I understand now. Thank you Senior Sister, go ahead and be busy with your own stuff!”

As though being given amnesty, the blue dress lady turned around and ran away in lightning fast speed.

This scenario made Huang Yueli slightly confused, “What’s the situation? Am I that scary?”

“This is because they have a guilty conscience…..” Li Moying laughed in a low voice as she heard his voice from the side of her ear.

Huang Yueli then recalled that this man was still standing beside her.

She raised her head up to meet with that pair of extremely seductive cherry blossom eyes as she went into a daze losing her senses, attracted by the pampered gaze deep within his eyes.

“Li’er, you’re drooling!”


Huang Yueli recalled her senses and raised her hand to wipe the corner of her lips when she heard what he said but….

“You liar!” There wasn’t anything at all, so where did the drool come from?

Li Moying laughed heartily, “I’m just reminding you in advance. Otherwise when your drool really drips out, it’d be too late by then!”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him, “Who wants to listen to the rubbish you’re sprouting!”

Thinking back to how she was oddly attracted by Li Moying, she pursed her lips as she suddenly felt annoyed.

She must really had been bewitched! She was just thinking that she could not continue being ambiguous with this man but in the end, the minute she met with that pair of eyes, she immediately forgot all her determination. It’s all Li Moying’s fault for having a pair of eyes which looked exactly like Mu Chengying’s!

Too demonic, and too seductive!

She….. must hold on to herself tightly and not be bewitched easily again!

Huang Yueli vowed to herself but she really didn’t have much confidence…..

Li Moying saw her suddenly acting melancholic and suddenly becoming angry, her expressions were every changing as he curiously asked, “Li’er, what are you thinking of?”

“I…..” Huang Yueli paused, “Right, I was just thinking that I can join in the Armament Guild’s certification assessment that would be held three days later!”