Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 956

Chapter 956 Armament Master Certification 2

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“You want to take part in it as well?” Li Moying’s brows rose, “Based on your armament refining standard, you still need to be certified by the Armament Guild? Those teachers in Celestial Light Academy don’t even have ten percent of your ability! You don’t need the Armament Guild certification to raise your social value.”

Huang Yueli answered, “You can’t put things in this way! The Armament Guild certification has its own advantages. Didn’t you see it for yourself? Li Xue’er is merely a high levelled Armament apprentice and she’s already so popular! The Armament Master medal is a symbol of status in Soaring Heavens Continent. Furthermore, the Armament Guild has many high levelled materials and only those Armament Masters whom they have certified are able to exchange for it, and those are very useful to me.”

Li Moying put his hand on the top of her head as he patted her affectionately.

“Alright then, since you’ve already decided then go ahead and enrol for it. No matter what you want to do, I’ll always be by your side.”

Huang Yueli nodded and under the man’s gentle gaze, she felt relaxed and peaceful.

Armament Guild is one of the strongest powerhouses in Soaring Heavens Continent and almost all Armament Masters had registered themselves with the guild to attain certification.

Just one Armament Master who stood out alone, were already much sought after and well respected, causing many practitioners compete with one another to get into their good books.

It was imaginable how strong the influence would be when so many Armament Masters united together.

Not only did the Armament Guild held various high levelled materials’ places of production, in Soaring Heavens Continent’s auctions, one would be able to sell their own refined Profound Armament at a higher price in Soaring Heavens Continent’s auctions, Profound Armament traders or Materials shops as long as they were certified Armament Masters in the Armament Guild.

Huang Yueli would never go against money and in order to earn even more, obtaining a medal that represented a certified Armament Master was absolutely necessary.

When they were in South Yue Kingdom, she didn’t attended any Armament Master certification assessment because her cultivation level was still very low and without any backing, if her identity as an Armament Master was exposed, it would easily drew various people’s greed and being plotted against.

But now it was different. Her own ability was rather strong and furthermore, she had the huge backing of Celestial Light Sect.


After Huang Yueli made up her mind so she proceeded to the Profound Weapon Chambers three days later and enrolled herself for the certification assessment.

On the day of the assessment, Huang Yueli was delayed as she was held up making preparation work.

Li Moying had left his residence earlier and without any hesitation, he headed straight to the Profound Weapon Chambers.

The entrance of the Profound Weapon Chambers was already filled with people.

The Armament Master certification assessment which was held once a year was a very important event in Celestial Light Academy!

On this day, Sky Cloud City’s Armament Guild Vice President would personally make a visit to Celestial Light Academy and they were all truly sixth tier Armament Masters, their social status extremely invaluable!

Because of this, Celestial Light Academy’s Principals came out to welcome them personally.

With so many VIPs around, the whole place was bustling with excitement.

Furthermore, the refining process of Armament Masters was an absolute secret and there weren’t many chances to see it normally. It was only during the certification assessment day when those Armament Masters would publicly refine the Profound Armament under the watchful eyes of everyone there so this was the only chance for ordinary practitioners to be able to see the entire refining process.

Students who had a bit of curiosity in them had all woken up early and rushed over to the Profound Weapon Chambers, hoping to get a chance to view the academy’s major event.