Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 959

Chapter 959 Youre Joking Right? 1

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A tall figure appeared in front of the Profound Weapon Chambers.

That person was Li Moying!

He was dressed in a dark coloured robe with gold trimming on the side and his demeanour was cold but noble. His facial features were perfectly sculpted without any flaws at all.

His expression was chilly and as his lips curled upwards slightly, his gaze swept past the entire Profound Weapon Chambers and the expression became even colder…..

His little fox had not arrived yet….. so boring…

Jiang Tuxin didn’t guessed what Li Moying was thinking about and upon seeing his unpleasant expression, he thought it was because of his thoughtlessness as he anxiously stood up.

“Principal Jiang, what’s wrong with you?” President Hu saw his behaviour and became even more surprised as he questioned.

Jiang Tuxin didn’t reply him, instead he took quick steps and appeared right before Li Moying. Ling Wenbin and Tang Jinhua also hurried over to welcome him.

“Young… Uggh, Mister Li, what brings you here today to the Profound Weapon Chambers? Are you here to see the certification assessment as well?”

Li Moying undeniably nodded.

Jiang Tuxin whined silently. He had never expected Young Sect Master to be interested in the Armament Masters’ certification!

To ordinary people, watching the Armament Masters publicly refining weapons was rather refreshing but for a peerless talent with such status like Li Moying, he had met with even higher levelled Armament Masters. The performance by these Armament apprentices would probably not be of any interest to him so who would have expected him to take interest in this?

Just at this moment, Jiang Tuxin shifted his gaze and saw Li Xue’er who was just standing by the side with a shocked but delighted expression.

A thought flashed past his head as he thought he understood what happened.

Right, Li Xue’er who was taking part in the assessment this year was rumoured to be the Young Sect Master’s biological sister! No wonder Young Sect Master had personally appeared to witness the certification assessment!

Although it was said that the siblings, Li Xue’er and Li Moying were not on good terms, but it was still a glorious matter to have a sister who was an Armament Master. Perhaps Young Sect Master had seen the outstanding armament refining talent in her and decided to forgive her for all the wrongdoings that she had done in the past! After all, they are truly siblings and this was not impossible.

Jiang Tuxin quickly said, “Mister Li, please follow me and take a seat here! The seat here has the best view!”

With him leading the way, he led Li Moying to the VIP seat on the tall stage and even requested him to take the main seat.

Li Moying saw the shocked expressions on the faces of the students below the stage and rejected Jiang Tuxin’s kind offer.

“How can I take over Principal Jiang’s seat? I’ll just sit here.” Saying that he sat down on the seat next to Ling Wenbin’s seat.

When Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin saw that, they didn’t dare to sit at all.

Sitting above the Young Sect Master, just thinking about it was already very offending….

But right after Li Moying’s chilly gaze swept past them once, both of them sat down with fear and trepidation.

At this moment, it turned tumultuous on both the spectators and contestants seating area.

Even Jiang Tuxin had thought Li Moying was here because of Li Xue’er, what more about Li Xue’er herself as well as the other students.

“Senior Brother Li actually came! He actually came to see Li Xue’er take part in the competition! Isn’t their relationship on bad terms? Isn’t it said that Senior Brother Li especially hated Li Xue’er?”

“So what about that? Li Xue’er’s armament refining talent is there so even Senior Brother Li cannot ignore it! It looks like he’s here to initiate his goodwill, preparing to patch up their relationship!”

“Oh no! I’d thought that Senior Brother Li really hated Li Xue’er and even went to laugh at her! Will she exact revenge on me in the future?”