Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 960

Chapter 960 Youre Joking Right? 2

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A smug smile hung on Li Xue’er’s face, showing just how happy she was!

Even Li Moying also came!

The humiliation which she suffered from Huang Yueli a few days ago had finally been swept clean!

On the VIP seating area, President Hu took a look at Li Moying’s icy cold face after trying to suppress his curiosity for quite some time, he secretly got closer to Jiang Tuxin and whispered, “Principal Jiang, why didn’t you introduce him to us? Just who is this young Mister? Why is it that even with your status, you still had to treat him with such respect?”

When Jiang Tuxin heard that, he turned to look at Li Moying anxiously, worried that he would be angry over their private discussion.

Li Moying however, only used his hand to support his chin as he glanced impatiently towards the direction of the main entrance.

Jiang Tuxin was then assured as he whispered back, “President Hu, this…. is Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master Li Moying! I think you should have heard of him before right!”

“Eh!” President Hu cried out in alarm causing the surrounding few people to look towards them as he hurriedly covered his mouth.

He lowered his tone even more and asked unbelievably, “You’re saying….. this person is Young Sect Master Li himself??”

Jiang Tuxin nodded, “That’s right!”

President Hu asked flabbergasted, “Heavens, it’s really him! Li Moying is Sky Cloud City’s most famous genius! A lot of people are saying that Young Sect Master Li had the highest hope to surpass Mu Chengying and become the top exponent in Soaring Heavens Continent, I wonder if that’s true?”

Jiang Tuxin smiled, “I’d never expected President Hu to know so much about Celestial Light Sect! Young Sect Master’s innate talent and ability is without a doubt the best, but we don’t dare to say stuff like he will surpass Mu Chengying but among the younger generation of practitioners, he definitely is unsurpassed!”

“But why would he be here at Celestial Light Academy? Moreover, this is the Armament Master certification assessment and it’s merely a competition among Armament apprentices so what could possibly attract Young Sect Master Li’s interest?”

Jiang Tuxin lowered his voice, “Among the contenders today, Young Sect Master’s sister is here and you’ve already met her earlier…..”

President Hu wasn’t listening carefully because just looking at Li Moying already caused him to exclaim in admiration!

Li Moying’s name, among Sky Cloud City’s higher ups was a well-known existence!

When he was very young, he already stood out as conspicuously brilliant, sweeping all his peers aside and his cultivation clambered up steadily, exceeding everyone’s imagination! He was unbelievably strong!

Everyone knew that in just a few more years, Li Moying would definitely become one of the strongest top exponents in Soaring Heavens Continent.

So even President Hu, who was Sky Cloud City’s Armament Guild’s President, had utmost respect for Li Moying because there were just too many legends about him. Only those who had seen it with their own eyes understood what his kind of innate talent meant!

Furthermore, President Hu discovered from the first meeting today, Li Moying was not only younger that he had thought but his cultivation and imposing manner exceeded by several times his age!

At this moment, a phrase arose in President Hu’s mind – A fully justified reputation!

As though sensing President Hu’s sight, Li Moying turned his head slightly and nodded towards him, “President Hu, my little thing will be in your care in the future.”

“Oh? Yes, of course, of course!”

President Hu hurriedly nodded and at the same time he recalled what Jiang Tuxin said, he had met the Armament apprentice? Surely it cannot be Li Xue’er? Right, both their surnames are Li, so looks like he can’t be wrong!