Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Youre Joking Right? 3

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“Senior Sister Li, you’re really so fortunate, even Senior Brother Li is here to cheer for you!”

“You’re the most glamorous person today! You’re really worthy of being the student who had the most innate talent in our Profound Weapon Chambers!”

Li Xue’er was surrounded by the crowd as she delightfully accepted various praises from all around.

Today was her lucky day. Not only was she the limelight among the ordinary students and Armament Masters, even her Second Brother ,whose sight was very high, dropped by!

A pity that wretched lass Bai Ruoli didn’t come over, otherwise….. she could slap her on the face here! That would really be wonderful!

Ai, that’s weird, her Second Brother was here but why didn’t that wretched lass join in? Could it be that she had been ditched by her Second Brother??

If that was the truth, then it would make her overjoyed!

Just as Li Xue’er was daydreaming, she suddenly heard someone beside her exclaimed loudly, “Ah! Junior Sister Bai! She actually came too!”

Li Xue’er hurriedly turned around and saw a young lady dressed in white gracefully standing at the entrance of the Profound Weapon Chambers. After looking around for a moment, she slowly walked in.

Her footsteps were light and dressing was considered simple as she walked in taciturnly.

But at that instance when she walked into the entrance, everyone’s eyes were on jer!

“It’s Junior Sister Bai! Haha, she’s so beautiful! Why is it that every time I see Junior Sister Bai, I feel that she looked even more beautiful than the last time? Which lady doesn’t have this white coloured flowing dress? But why is it only her who can make it look so elegant and magical?”

“Because she has the ability and style! How can you compare ordinary people against her?”

“Junior Sister Bai should be here to accompany Senior Brother Li to view the assessment? I really envy them, their relationship is so sweet, they’d accompany each other wherever they go!”

“Every time I see them appearing together, I feel like I’m starting to believe in love…..”

Those students who were fawning around Li Xue’er had cast her aside the minute they saw Huang Yueli appeared and everyone went to crowd around Huang Yueli instead.

This made Li Xue’er so upset that she stomped her feet.

This wretched lass really deserved to die! What did she have that could attract everyone’s attention? This was not the Martial Arts Stage, this was the Profound Weapon Chambers! Today was a day which belonged to Armament Masters. What sort of thing was that wretched lass to even dare to come and snatch her limelight??

On the VIP seats, Jiang Tuxin turned to look at Li Moying when he saw Huang Yueli stepping in.

“Young Sect Master, Miss Bai is here, do you want to let her come to the VIP seating as well? The view here is much better than the spectators’ seating!

The minute Li Moying saw Huang Yueli, his eyes smiled and at that moment, his expression turned much gentler as he shook his head slightly, “No need!”

“Uggh…..” Jiang Tuxin was stunned by his answer.

Hadn’t Young Sect Master pamper this little fiancée of his the most? Both of them were here to look at the assessment but they were not going to sit together? What was this kind of situation? Had they quarrelled? But it didn’t look like so!

Just as he was in a blank, Huang Yueli had walked directly to the contenders’ seating area.

The managing teacher who was in charge of the assessment grading level raised his head and spoke politely, “Miss Bai, you’ve gone to the wrong area. The spectators seating is over there from the left staircase, this is the contenders seating.”

Huang Yueli smiled, “I didn’t walk wrongly. I’m here to enrol to take part in the Armament Master certification assessment.”

“Ah?” The managing teacher went into a blank, “You…. you want to enrol for the assessment?”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right, I’d like to trouble Teacher to please help me register for it!”