Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 962

Chapter 962 Youre Joking Right? 4

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The managing teacher’s eyes turned wide as though he had been struck by lightning.

“This…. Miss Bai, you’re not joking right? Or… or have you walked to the wrong place? This is the Profound Weapon Chambers! We’re holding the Armament Master certification assessment right now! This is not the Martial Arts Stage battle or the Year-End Academy Meet! You want to enrol for this?? Are you sure??”

Huang Yueli blinked, “Teacher, I didn’t get it wrong. I’m indeed here to take part in the Armament Master certification assessment! I’m very sure! The assessment is going to start soon right? Stop wasting time and quickly help me to enrol!” She pushed.

But managing teacher stared at her, not moving at all.

“T…T…This…. Miss Bai, I know you have outstanding talent in cultivation and your potential is very strong! But, this is Armament refining! Armament Refining! It’s totally different from cultivation! No matter how good your innate talent in cultivation is, it doesn’t represent that you can casually become an Armament Master!”

Huang Yueli replied, “Whether I can become an Armament Master or not, it’s not up to you, it’s after taking part in the assessment right! I already heard about the requirements for the certification assessment. As long as we are Celestial Light Academy’s students with dual metal and dire attributes innate talent and have enough understanding and recognition towards Armaments, then we’re allowed to take part in the assessment, no?”

“This…. what you are saying is right….. but…..”

“Then stop hemming and hawing, hurry up!”

The managing teacher didn’t know how to reject her and his expression had turned slightly green, thinking to himself why was there such a self-approbation person! Did she really think she had great innate talent in cultivation so she’d be invincible? Did she knew how rare Armament Masters were and how difficult it was to become one!

Furthermore, even if she had an innate talent to refine armaments, not everyone could become Armament Masters. Most people, for their entire lives, were only Armament apprentices and were able to help fix Profound Armaments but if they wanted to refine successfully, it was a huge difference!

As for a fourteen year old lass like her, no one had heard that she knew the art of refining armaments, she wanted to become an Armament Master?

“Hah! Did I hear wrongly? Isn’t this our super genius, Martial Arts ranked third’s Third Miss? What did I hear just now? You want to take part in the Armament Master certification assessment?”

A piercing voice rang as Li Xue’er walked over from the back of the managing teacher with a gloating smile on her face.

Huang Yueli replied icily, “What does it have to do with you? Just manage yourself properly!”

Not only did Li Xue’er not retreat, she got even closer to her and said, “Why doesn’t it concern me? After today, I am the Armament Guild’s official member! I must protect Armament Master’s pride! If every stray dogs and cats were to come over to disturb the Armament Master’s place, it would affect our certification assessment! How can I possibly not be concerned about this?”

Huang Yueli’s gaze turned frosty, “You also know ‘after today’? You’re not even a first tier Armament Master yet so don’t be too full of yourself otherwise if you aren’t able to pass the assessment, then it’d be a huge joke!”

“Hahaha, how is that possible? Do you think I’m you? This is the funniest joke that I’ve heard this year! An idiot who doesn’t understand anything dares to take part in the Armament Master assessment! Hahahaha, it’s so funny! If you can become an Armament Master, then I’ll strip off everything and run one round in Sky Cloud City naked! You really know how to joke!”

Li Xue’er’s laughed out loudly without any fear at all.

She hadn’t even considered the possibility that Huang Yueli could become an Armament Master!