Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Countdown Starts 1

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Huang Yueli smiled as she continued, “Is it really that funny? Since you have already set your mind that it’s not possible for me to pass the examination, then shall we make a bet?”

“Bet? What do you want to bet on?” Li Xue’er threw a heavily-guarded look at her.

Although she firmly believed that Huang Yueli didn’t know the art of refining armaments, but Li Xue’er’s alert was still on high.

Because Huang Yueli was just too abnormal, every single battle she had in Celestial Light Academy earned her bowls full of money and as for those who went against her, all of them had lost everything they had to the last bit, including their underpants!

When Li Xue’er recalled these precedents, she started to feel afraid.

Huang Yueli replied, “Didn’t you say it out yourself earlier? As long as I can pass the Armament Master certification, then you will strip off everything and run around Sky Cloud City naked! Why? Don’t tell me you were only just saying?”

Li Xue’er heaved a sigh of relief, “You’re talking about this! Don’t tell me that you really think that you can pass the certification? Hehe, anyway I don’t believe it so I’ll make a bet with you! What if you didn’t pass it?”

Huang Yueli took a look at her and replied indifferently, “Then I’ll be at your disposal!”

“Oh? Really?” Li Xue’er’s eyeballs turned around as a spell of ecstasy filled her mind!

She never thought that Huang Yueli would be so dumb until she will be at her disposal! Furthermore, she was obviously going to lose!

As long as she fell into her hands, heh heh…..

In Li Xue’er’s mind, hundreds of torturous ideas flashed past her mind and the more she thought the more excited she got! She was one hundred percent sure that after today, Huang Yueli would be reduced from a talented young lady to the academy or even the entire city’s laughing stock! Perhaps she might even be so ashamed that she would throw herself at the wall and kill herself!

“Alright, I’ll bet! Hope…. You won’t regret…” Li Xue’er couldn’t wait any further and agreed on it.

She felt that her success rate was a hundred percent!

Because Huang Yueli’s cultivational talent was already very high! In normal terms, a person’s energy was limited and she had spent so much time on the art of cultivation so even if she had the potential to become an Armament Master, she probably wouldn’t have enough time to learn armament refining.

Li Xue’er’s thinking wasn’t wrong at all as all the others who saw this scenario also thought the same way.


On the VIP seating, several VIPs looked this way and noted down Huang Yueli and Li Xue’er’s confrontation.

Even though they couldn’t hear their conversation clearly, but from the way they stared at each other, they knew both of them were in an argument.

Jiang Tuxin took a careful glance at Li Moying, saw his icy cold look and couldn’t help but shuddered.

“Young Sect Master, this….. Miss Bai this….. is she really going to take part in the Armament Master assessment?”

Li Moying’s gave an apathetic expression, “Why? Can’t she? Don’t tell me she doesn’t have the qualification to take part in the assessment?”

“Uggh…. This…. she has, of course she has….. but…..”

“But?” Li Moying’s eyebrows rose as an icy cold vision swept past Jiang Tuxin’s face.

Jiang Tuxin hurriedly replied, “No buts! Since Miss Bai has interest in armament refining, it’s the academy’s Armament Master’s glory! Whatever assessment Miss Bai will like to take part, then she can do so!”

Li Moying’s expression turned slightly better after that as he nodded.

Jiang Tuxin turned towards Tang Jinhua hastily and instructed, “Master Tang, why did they start quarrelling? Can I trouble you to take a look at the situation?”

Tang Jinhua immediately arose and ran over.

However, it was already too late when he reached as Huang Yueli and Li Xue’er had already agreed on the bet.