Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 969

Chapter 969 Huang Yuelis Score 3

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Hearing Li Xue’er’s words, everyone present started to parrot whatever she said.

“That’s right, I didn’t hear it either! It seemed that Bai Ruoli’s score is left out!”

“Master Tang, please announce it one more time!”

“We also like to know what score did Bai Ruoli get!”

The Armament Master certification assessment was well known to be impartial and fair so now that one person’s results was short, everyone could not accept it at all.

Tang Jinhua glanced helplessly at Huang Yueli and slowly said, “Could it really be that I had made a mistake? Let me check once again…”

Under the scrutiny of numerous pairs of eyes, he could only announced, “Bai Ruoli’s theory assessment results is….. thirty points!”

“Thirty points!”

“Oh, Junior Sister Bai’s score is indeed very low, and is the lowest among all those who took part in the assessment! Earlier she looked so confident when she went up to register, I had thought…. that she really knew how to refine armaments! So she was only putting up a show!”

“How could you say that she didn’t understand? Junior Sister Bai had at least scored thirty points! Why don’t you go and try taking the assessment? For someone like her who had not learnt systemically about armament refining could attain this score is already not bad at all…. But as compared to real Armament Masters, the disparity is just too huge! Li Xue’er had scored eighty five points, close to three times of her score!”

The crowd were speculating and discussing on their own views.

Huang Yueli’s eyes grew wide, simply unable to believe her own ears.

“Master Tang, what did you say? How many points did I score??”

Tang Jinhua couldn’t help but sigh, “Miss Bai, I know you are not willing to accept this truth but you indeed had only scored thirty points and you have not passed the first round of assessment! But don’t be too discouraged. You had already scored much better than what I had expected so next year, you will definitely be able to pass the theory assessment!”

Tang Jinhua looked at her shocked expression and shook his head sympathetically.

Huang Yueli’s score was indeed too low. Generally speaking, for those armament apprentices who had the guts to register for the certification assessment were normally the cream of the crop among the same age and scoring forty points and above was absolutely no problem at all.

Thirty points….. this was the lowest score which had not been seen for several years.

Tang Jinhua was worried that once the score was announced, it would affect Bai Ruoli’s reputation and had intentionally not announced it earlier. Wasn’t this also for the fact that she was Young Sect Master’s fiancée! Towards normal people, he wouldn’t even bother to help them hide their score!

Whoever knew that not only did this young lass not appreciate his good will, she even hounded him for her score….. Ai, now that things had come to this, there was no way to hide it any further!

Huang Yueli asked unbelievably, “Wait a minute! Master Tang, why is it that I don’t understand what you’re saying! I only scored thirty points?? How is that possible?? You must have gotten something wrong somewhere? Could it be that my paper was mixed up with someone else’s?”

What kind of joke was that? Just a simple theory paper which didn’t require any technological content, she actually….. scored thirty points?

Honestly speaking, when she was writing the paper, she indeed hadn’t been too serious and could not guarantee that she did everything correctly so scoring full marks was not possible.

But just this kind of difficulty, scoring ninety five points was an easy feat for her so how was it possible that she only scored….. thirty points?

If this news reached Soaring Heavens Continent’s Armament Guild Headquarters, probably everyone would laugh their teeth off!

A ninth tier Armament Master like her actually failed at a first tier Armament Master certification assessment paper!

Tang Jinhua hadn’t got the time to say anything when Li Xue’er already couldn’t help herself from sneering.