Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 970

Chapter 970 Huang Yuelis Score 4

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“Bai Ruoli, aren’t you just too funny? Thirty points is thirty points, your standard is just that much and everyone knows about it so what excuses are you going to find for yourself? The Armament Guild is absolutely fair! Do you think everyone is that free to intentionally go around framing you?” For that instant, Huang Yueli had thought that Li Xue’er had done something to her paper.

But when she looked at Li Xue’er’s shocked and joyful expression, it seemed like it wasn’t really like that….

Moreover, the Armament Guild’s influence was very great and just basing on Li Xue’er’s status and ability, she indeed did not have the means to bribe everyone in the Armament Guild.

Huang Yueli didn’t bother about Li Xue’er but emphasized once again towards Tang Jinhua, “Master Tang, I wish to apply for a recheck on my paper to see what went wrong with my paper? I am certain that my score wouldn’t just be thirty marks that low! There must be some accidental incident happening!”

Tang Jinhua was put in a difficult position, “Miss Bai, our Armament Guild certification assessment had never made the exception to recheck anyone’s paper! Moreover, every single paper had not been marked only by one Armament Master but had been accessed by three different power’s Armament Masters to examine before deriving at the final score. This is an absolutely fair system and there will not be any mistakes occurring.”

When Huang Yueli heard what he said, she started to frown.

According to Tang Jinhua’s explanation, the system of marking the papers had indeed been thoroughly thought through and theoretically speaking, there shouldn’t be any mistakes at all.

But…. her assessment results was simply too ridiculous!

“Master Tang, I’m not sure what happened exactly but I can guarantee that my score in this round of theory assessment could not possibly be that low! There must have been a problem when the paper was marked! If you don’t believe what I said, then take my paper out to take a look and you will know!”


“I say, Bai Ruoli, how could you even have the nerve to suggest this? I have really never seen someone so shameless like you! You couldn’t get any good scoring and is not able to pass the assessment then just admit that your own standard is too low. Why must you insist that the teachers who marked the paper have a problem! Hehe, I’m telling you, the Armament Guild have never made any mistakes before so the person who is in the wrong is definitely you!”

Li Xue’er looked at her in high spirits and her tone was filled with ridicule and taunting.

“Oh, I know. Is it because you’d made a bet with me and not happy that you lost, worried that you’d be at my disposal and be in deep shit so that’s why you’re hanging on like that, refusing to admit your defeat? But no matter what reason you find, a loss is a loss! Do you think that dragging on a bit more time could change anything? In the end, won’t you still have to kneel down beside me and listen to my orders?”

The more Li Xue’er said, the happier she got and if it wasn’t for so many people present, she would not be able to stop herself from dancing!

Usually she had been pinned down by Huang Yueli as every single challenge she threw out had been thrown back right at her fiercely!

It was finally now that she felt exuberant! To be able to see Huang Yueli’s reputation reached an all-time low and be viciously fixed by her, she really could laugh even in her dreams!

Huang Yueli turned her head around and threw her an icy cold glance.

Li Xue’er shuddered uncontrollably when she saw her substantial glance fixed onto herself!

Huang Yueli’s gaze was simply too cold, too icy and even held some traces of a superior’s pressure making Li Xue’er’s legs turned into jelly.

“You… what are you thinking of doing? I’m warning you, you agree to bet, you accept to lose…. Earlier you had agreed personally on this bet, so are you trying to disavow now?”