Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Huang Yuelis Score 5

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Huang Yueli replied, “The things that I had agreed on, I will never disavow on it! But now the results are not out yet! On the contrary, Senior Sister Li, remember what you said earlier. If you lose, don’t eat your own words?”

Li Xue’er sneered, “Why are you still trying to pretend! You’re definitely going to lose and still deliberately mystifying the whole matter?”

Huang Yueli didn’t bother about her as she turned towards Tang Jinhua and raised out her request again.

Tang Jinhua was still hesitating but suddenly felt an icy cold feeling coming from his back.

He subconsciously turned around only to discover that Li Moying was seated on the VIP seating, using his pair of icy and stern peach blossom eyes staring intently over this side. His cold thin lips were slightly pursed and his face had been tainted with a tinge of fury.

Jiang Tuxin saw him turned his head back and hurriedly made a hand gesture at him.

In Principal Jiang’s heart, he was already scolding him upside down. What situation was it now, this Tang Jinhua still didn’t know how to behave like a person!

Armament Masters are indeed all bookworms and not reliable at all!

Couldn’t he see that Young Sect Master had already gone on a rage? Why didn’t he understood what Miss Bai said and let her re-check her paper? Just how much trouble was that? As for whether it was fair or not, could it even be compared to Young Sect Master’s rage?

Tang Jinhua sighed again as he indeed had other considerations in his mind because this wasn’t Celestial Light Academy’s own assessment but had involved the Armament Guild as well…..

President Hu chose to open his mouth at the right moment, “This is the first time I’ve met anyone who feels that the Armament Guild is unfair! Generally speaking, the certification assessment indeed does not allow a recheck of papers but on account of Celestial Light Sect, we will allow Miss Bai a chance to recheck her paper. But I have to put the ugly words first. If the result of the re-check shows that there isn’t any problem with the marking, then Miss Bai will have to accept the result of being eliminated! We cannot lower the standard of our certification assessment!”

President Hu’s words were meant for Li Moying’s ears.

To give Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master’s fiancée face to recheck her paper wasn’t that much of a big deal.

President Hu wasn’t that rigid and moreover he was certain that the Armament Guild would not possibly make any mistakes so this was just a passing scenario and it would also make Li Moying owe them a favour so why not?

He was worried that Li Moying would make use of Celestial Light Sect’s power and request him to certify Huang Yueli as an exception. In this way, it would indeed damage the Armament Guild’s reputation.

Li Moying nodded his head, “This will do, thank you President Hu for being accommodative.”

President Hu heaved a sigh of relief thinking that although this Young Sect Master looked overbearing and stern, but he was still rather reasonable…..

How on earth would he even guessed that it was because Li Moying had already affirmed that his little fox’s exceptional ability in armament refining and was able to use her own capability to resolve this matter which led him to say these.

If that wasn’t the case, what other things would Li Moying not do to win his fiancée’s heart?

Tang Jinhua obtained the President’s approval and without further consideration, he immediately said, “Right, since Miss Bai had requested once again, then we shall make an exception and allow you to do a recheck! Will the three Masters who marked Bai Ruoli’s examination script please bring out her paper!”

Finding the paper required a bit of time so Huang Yueli and the rest of them stood on the stage waiting.

The students at the spectators seating were already bustling, guessing what was the result of this recheck.

Most of them thought that Huang Yueli’s recheck was a complete waste of time!

She originally wasn’t an armament apprentice so scoring thirty marks was very normal. Her own standard was too low so how could she even blame the Armament Guild for that?