Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Huang Yuelis Score 6

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After the recheck was done, there would definitely not be any mistakes in the score whereas she would be slapped on the face! Just thinking about it made one ashamed and unable to show their face!

Only Su Qingyue, Yu Xinyang and some others were confident in Huang Yueli and were defending her among the crowd.

“What makes you think that Junior Sister Bai would be slapped on the face? Perhaps there really are errors in the paper!”

“That’s right, I believe Junior Sister Bai will not do things which she isn’t confident about. Since she already said that, then she must have absolute confidence in her own ability knowing that her scoring shouldn’t be that low!”

Unfortunately these words only led to a gust of ridicule.

“Enough of that. We all know you’re on Bai Ruoli’s side but how could you speak blindly?”

“That’s right, just based on the fact that Bai Ruoli isn’t even an armament apprentice, she couldn’t possibly obtain any high score!”

Li Xue’er was following closely beside Huang Yueli as she smiled and said, “Junior Sister Bai, now you have attained your wish and Master Tang has allowed you to recheck your paper. When the paper is shown to everyone, that score is akin to nailing it onto the board! By then you’d have no way of denying further!”

“That’s right, by then there is no way of denying so Senior Sister Li better start thinking about your route to run around naked!” Huang Yueli replied immodestly.


Li Xue’er had wanted to say more things but stopped on seeing a middle aged Armament Master dressed in the Armament Master’s long robe with a second tier Armament Master badge pinned onto his chest, walking up the stage with quick steps.

“Master Tang, Bai Ruoli’s paper have been found.”

“Master Yue, thank you for your trouble.” Tang Jinhua nodded his head in reply.

Master Yue slapped the paper onto the table with a loud “Bam” as his expression wasn’t too good.

“It’s not too much trouble! But this is an insult to us Armament Masters! She actually don’t believe the scoring which the three of us came out with! Alright, then see for yourself and let the others here take a look as well! Who is right and who is wrong! Earlier I had also re-assessed the paper with the other two Masters, thirty points….. is absolutely correct!”

Armament Masters had always been held in high regard by others and their original selves were rather proud. Moreover Huang Yueli had questioned their professionalism so it’s no wonder that Master Yue was so angry.

Tang Jinhua hurriedly placated him, “Men, quickly serve Master Yue tea! Master Yue, please stay calm. Miss Bai has just started learning the art of armament refining and is still a beginner. So she might not know how things work around here. If there’s anything that she had done to offend you, please don’t take it up with this young lady!”

Master Yue humped heavily, apparently not appeased at all.

Tang Jinhua retrieved the paper but didn’t immediately announced the results. Instead he looked speedily at the answers inside.

The more he saw, the more discouraged he felt.

Because after looking at the answers which Huang Yueli wrote, he discovered that…. what Master Yue and the others said were all correct!

This paper’s score…. was indeed only worth thirty points!

This…. how was he going to deal with this?

He had thought that this young lass had insisted on checking the paper again because she had some other basis! Even if she could not obtain the passing mark of sixty points, at least it should raise the score by at least eight or ten points right?

Whoever knew that she really only had the standard of thirty points, no more or no less.

If he were to announce this to all the students present, it was imaginable that Huang Yueli would entirely became a laughing stock today!

This young lass’s reputation wasn’t much to speak about but if Young Sect Master were to take out his anger on him, what should he do?

Tang Jinhua shook as he held the paper in his hands as sweat started to appear profusely on his forehead.