Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 973

Chapter 973 Never Heard Of Before 1

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Li Xue’er noticed that there was no activity from him and she urged, “Master, what are the contents written on the paper? Announce it out and let everyone judge it together?”

Tang Jinhua stared at this disciple of his, feeling that she really had no vision at all! Hadn’t she noticed that he didn’t want to announce it at all? And yet she actually jumped out to undermine him!

However, what made Tang Jinhua even more speechless was that Huang Yueli herself actually jumped out too.

“Master Tang, what on earth is going on? Let me take a look at the paper?”

Tang Jinhua was left helpless as he could only pass the paper over to Huang Yueli, not forgetting to console her at the same time.

“Miss Bai, there really isn’t any notable errors in the marking of the script so you need not feel too discouraged. In the past you aren’t even an armament apprentice so obtaining this score is already…”

“That’s what I was saying, there must be some errors in the marking here! Moreover, this is ridiculously wrong! I say, who was the one who marked this paper, how can they anyhow mark it? Isn’t there any justice at all? Moreover, the standard is simply too low!”

Before Tang Jinhua had completed his sentence, Huang Yueli had already scanned through her entire paper and started to furiously accuse the markers!

“Oh? Really?”

Tang Jinhua was stunned and thought that he had seen wrongly as he hurriedly withdrew the paper back and took another look at it.

But, there still wasn’t any wrong…..

This paper was at most only worth thirty points! He used his fourth tier Armament Master badge to swear that he absolutely had not seen anything wrong with the paper!

Master Yue who had marked the paper also closed in and upon taking one look at the paper, he was so angry that he almost jumped up as his entire face flushed red with anger.

“Y..Y..You… Bai Ruoli! Are you blind? Where is the error on this paper? We had looked at every single answer carefully and right is right whereas wrong is wrong! All the answers can be found on the foundation of the armament refining ancient records!”

“Really? But the marks awarded here is obviously incorrect? Although I had indeed not put in too much effort while doing this paper. For example, this last question here. I was too lazy to write too much and skipped some steps instead and you’ve deducted five points from here. This I can still accept. But how about the earlier ones here? Are these answers not correct? What right do you have to deduct my points? And moreover you’ve deducted so much!”

Huang Yueli stretched out her delicate finger and pointed through those questions one after another.

Master Yue followed the direction which she pointed at and was so angry that he stared daggers at her and blasted his beard.

“How is it correct? You dare to claim that you’re correct? It’s obviously all wrong! And it’s all ridiculously wrong, yet you still dare to twist your words and force logic on it? Did you think I’m suffering from amnesia? I’m telling you, your petty tricks has no effect on me! I’ve become an Armament Master for twenty years already so do you think I’d get such basic logic wrong?”

The two of them were locked in a heated argument as Li Xue’er walked over and took a look at the paper.

Just looking at the first few questions, she already couldn’t help but starting bursting out in laughter.

“I say…. Bai Ruoli, you really are….. really too shameless! These are obviously all wrong and yet you still dare to accuse the marker? Who gave you the guts and confidence to do so? I know you’re afraid of being eliminated and worried that you’d lose the bet you have with me but pestering in this manner is useless and will only reduce you to become Celestial Light Academy’s laughing stock!”

The spectators below the stage were also bursting out.

“What’s the situations now? Is Bai Ruoli’s score correct or wrong?”

“Is there a need to ask? The truth is right before us! Haven’t you seen Master Tang, Master Yue and Li Xue’er all said the same thing? Bai Ruoli had answered all the questions wrongly and the score on that paper is absolutely correct!”