Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Never Heard Of Before 2

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“Since the Armament Masters have already said so, what is Bai Ruoli still arguing about? Does she feel that she has not been embarrassed enough? If I were her, I’d already have dug a hole in the ground and hid in it!”

“That’s right. How does she even have the courage of her convictions to stand on the stage? Surely Senior Brother Li’s face have all been thrown away with such a fiancée?”

Li Xue’er laughed so much until she almost couldn’t stand up straight when she heard what the others were discussing below the stage!

She had never expected that wretched lass to be so dumb. At this point in time, she was still making herself hang on tight in spite of adversity and this only made her even more embarrassed!

Huang Yueli frowned slightly, not understanding what the situation was becoming.

She had answered the questions herself and had an amount of certainty in her mind so naturally there wouldn’t be any mistakes. But since so many Armament Masters said that she was wrong…..

Huang Yueli suddenly thought of something as she pointed her finger on the first fill-in-the-blank question, “You say I answered wrongly, then let me ask you. This question regarding the steps on refining the impurities in the Scarlet Thunder Steel, how many steps were there altogether? I wrote three steps so in what way am I wrong?”

“In what way are you wrong? Three steps? Are you making a mistake somewhere? Scarlet Thunder Steel is a second tier armament refining material and moreover it had always been associated with the other metal attributes so there are many different varieties of impurities in it. Using three steps alone and you want to refine all of the impurities? Are you thinking too much? You’d need at least five steps!” Li Xue’er laughed exaggeratedly.

Master Yue also cried out, “The correct answer to this question is five steps! It’s been recorded in so many Basic Armament Refining ancient records! It’s a well-known standard method.”

The corners of Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched slightly and without saying anything else, she pointed to the next question, “How about this? In order to fuse two different metal attributes together, how many types of hand gestures are required? I wrote eleven types so why is this wrong?”

Li Xue’er snatched to answer again, “Eleven types? What kind of joke is that? There is a total of seven types only! Do you treat hand gestures as buying vegetables in the market? You want how many and you’d get how many? There’s just merely seven types and these total were accumulated since several hundred years ago from all the Senior Armament Masters! Eleven types! What are those extra four types? Why don’t you do it and show us?”

When Master Yue heard her reply, he unexpectedly revealed a satisfied expression.

“Not bad, Miss Li is really an experienced armament apprentice, your basic knowledge is very sound. Miss Bai, I’ve heard that you’re one of Celestial Light Academy’s cultivation talents and your power is very strong but this does not mean that you can insult us Armament Masters! Now that the truth has been revealed and had proven that you’ve answered wrongly while the fault does not lie with us Armament Guild, what else do you have to say?”

Master Yue stood up in a towering figure and looked down towards Huang Yueli, his tone tinged with contempt.

To actually humiliate the valuable Armament Master, this matter was not going to pass by easily!

When Tang Jinhua saw this, he hurried over and persuaded, “Alright alright, Master Yue, I’ve already told you that this young lass is still young and ignorant so don’t hold it against her. Let’s just let today’s matter pass and treat that I owe you a favour! Alright, now that the first round of assessment has ended, those who had passed hurry over and prepare for the next round of assessment!”

As Tang Jinhua was saying this, he was expressing Huang Yueli to get off the stage quickly, attempting to turn big problems into small ones and small ones into no problems at all.

But not only did Huang Yueli refused to step down, instead she took a step forward and cried out loudly, “Wait a minute, this matter had not ended! I finally know why my assessment score is so low. So it’s because you’re all low levelled Armament Masters and have not seen much of the world!”

Hearing Li Xue’er and Master Yue’s explanation, Huang Yueli finally understood what had happened.