Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 975

Chapter 975 Never Heard Of Before 3

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When Huang Yueli was answering the questions, she had written the answers which she thought was correct as these were all knowledge which she had acquired from her previous life’s Master whereas some were derived during the process based on her hands-on practice.

Before this, she had never doubted the problems which these answers would give or how different it would be from the standard answer.

Thinking back now, the knowledge she acquired against the few people from the Armament Guild seemed to have a hell of a difference!

For example, the question regarding the hand gestures to fuse the metal attributes. Thirty years ago, there indeed was only seven types but later on in her previous life while she was in Mythical Flame Palace, she had researched another two additional hand gestures and when she became a ninth tier Armament Master, she created yet another two other hand gestures. Because of that, there was a total of eleven types.

The only thing was that these four new hand gestures were extremely demanding on the Armament Master’s mental power so generally speaking, it was impossible for Armament Masters of sixth tier and below to be able to accomplish it so there weren’t many people who knew about this.

From the looks of it, the Armament Guild’s basic foundation in the ancient records only recorded those seven basic types of methods.

Huang Yueli felt extremely vexed.

She was simply too indifferent to this assessment, thinking that based on her own ability, a mere first tier Armament Master assessment should be chicken feet to her? Why would she need to even prepare for it? So she had never even once took a look at the low tiered armament refining ancient records hence she had not even considered that this sort of problem would even occur.

But now thinking back to this, wasn’t it obvious that these low levelled Armament Master’s insight and knowledge were different from her, a previous ninth tier Armament Master? She should have thought of it long ago! If she had bothered to take a look at one of the ancient records earlier, then this mistake wouldn’t have occurred.

Unfortunately, it’s now all too late for these.

She could only use the truth to speak!

Huang Yueli immodestly referred the Armament Masters present as “low levelled Armament Masters” and even said that they “have not seen the world”!

Master Yue and the others had always seen themselves as a proud individual so since when had they even heard such direct and penetrative reprimand? At that moment, each and every one of their faces turned green with anger!

Master Yue had originally despised Huang Yueli and at this moment, he pounded on the table in fury, “You lass, is that how you talk? I am indeed not some high levelled Armament Master but no matter how less of the world I had seen, I also know the basic foundations of armament refining! What are you? How dare you slander me like that?”

When Li Xue’er heard what Huang Yueli said, initially she was rendered dumbstruck as well but very quickly, she started sniggering silently.

This wretched lass really knows how to invite death to herself recklessly!

She herself insisted on checking the paper and after being slapped on the face, not only did she refuse to admit her loss, she actually dared to accuse the Armament Master who marked the paper! Did she really feel that her death wasn’t quick enough?

Li Xue’er kept adding oil to the fire as she said, “Isn’t that right, Junior Sister Bai, how can you behave in this way? The result of the recheck had proven that you’re not correct. There is irrefutable evidence and you’re still trying to deny? What is that for? They are valuable Armament Masters and had already wasted their cultivation and armament refining time to help you re-check your paper. Not only are you not grateful to them, you’re actually trying to splash dirty water on them! If everyone misunderstood that you’re acting against the Armament Guild, then that wouldn’t be good for you!”

Although the words she used was “misunderstood” but she actually meant something else. She was actually hinting that Huang Yueli was intentionally going against the Armament Guild! And was trying to challenge the Armament Guild’s authority!

She wanted Huang Yueli to offend the Armament Guild completely!

To offend a huge powerhouse which had a large influence on the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, even Li Moying would not be able to protect her by then!