Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Never Heard Of Before 4

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Those Armament Masters present immediately got riled up the minute they heard what Li Xue’er said, as everyone were infuriated beyond words!

“That’s right, who does this young lass think she is? She’s not even an armament apprentice and she dares to say we have not seen the world!”

“Whoever gave her the courage and whoever gave her the qualification to even dare to let out a spate of nonsense about the Armament Guild! Does she not want to live anymore?”

“Isn’t her skin a little too thick? She could not even answer a first tier Armament Master paper yet blame us for being low levelled? Isn’t she just too shameless for saying such things?”

Even Tang Jinhua’s expression didn’t look too well.

Although he had always been standing on Huang Yueli’s side but what was she saying? She had scolded all the Armament Masters present!

Huang Yueli on the other hand remained as per normal as she said indifferently, “My apologies and it’s not that I look down on the Armament Guild but I’m just merely looking down on those Armament Masters who have no common sense! Whoever wants to fit into that description please feel free to do so!”

Master Yue was so angry that he almost went crazy because her had really never suffered such injustice before!

“You….. You…. You dare to say that I have no common sense? It’s obviously yourself who had answered wrongly! All the questions here are from the same source and are all recorded in the ancient records left behind by various reputable Armament Masters!”

“Is that so? Then what era are these Armament Masters from? Some have already passed on for several hundreds of years already isn’t it? You all actually treat the art of refining armament left behind hundreds of years ago as the truth and not knowing how to learn new methods to create new ways to refine armaments so it’s no wonder that you’d always remain as low levelled Armament Masters.”

“What do you know?” Master Yue blew his beard as his eyes turned wide, furiously staring at her and shouting, “Armament refining skill is originally an ancient and invaluable art so naturally it will require several thousand years of Armament Masters to continue this tradition! Our forefathers had left behind these ancient records and these are all priceless treasures! What new skills, new methods? Who do you think you are? The eleven types of hand gestures fusion or three steps to get rid of impurities, I’ve never heard of it before!”

Master Yue’s figure was tall and after he got agitated, not only did his face flushed red, he even started shouting and yelling, which became a huge difference against the petite young lady in front of him.

This made Huang Yueli appear even more delicate.

But an indifferent expression still hung on her face, “It’s actually very easy to prove if I’m just talking blindly or if you have no common sense.”

“Prove? You’re obviously wrong so how are you trying to prove yourself?” Master Yue sneered coldly.

“Why not we do it this way, I can refine armament on the spot and display those few hand gestures which I had written on my paper, to prove that my answer is right!”

“….. What did you say?”

Master Yue had thought he had heard her wrongly and paused for a moment before his eyes widened in disbelief.

“You say, you’re going to publicly display your method of refining armaments here??”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right, this is the simplest and fastest way, isn’t it? Otherwise you will claim you’re right and I insist that I’m right so if this carries on, when will we ever reach a conclusion?”

“You… what kind of joke are you saying? Refine armament on the spot! Do you even know how to refine armament? And you even want to display your method publicly??”

Master Yue didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

This young lass in front of her had only scored thirty marks for the theory paper and with this standard, it was obvious that she knew nothing about armament refining and she even wanted to refine armaments publicly??

He was worried that the minute she started, she would directly blow the furnace up into pieces!