Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Using The Truth To Speak 1

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Li Xue’er was even more direct as she couldn’t stop sniggering even when she covered her own mouth as she continued, “Junior Sister Bai, you…. you really know how to refine armaments? How do you think about it, or can you demonstrate to us on the spot on how to fuse those hand gestures? Eleven types? Sorry for my bluntness but not to mention eleven types of hand gestures. If you’re able to even do one, then I’ll kneel down in front of you! Did you think it’s so easy to become an Armament Master? Every single hand gesture requires several months of practice otherwise it’s just impossible to master it! How many days have you just started learning to refine armaments?”

Huang Yueli shot her glance towards her, “If I’m able to display one type of hand gesture then will you really kneel down in front of me?”

Li Xue’er’s face turned back, intuition telling her that something was wrong with this question.

This wretched lass had always been abnormal. She naturally would not believe in what eleven hand gestures but mastering just one or two types, she probably was able to!

She hurriedly changed the topic.

“Don’t be mistaken, I’m doing this for your own good which is why I’m persuading you now! You’ve not even touched an armament furnace before so you probably can’t even start the fire right? Moreover, the eleven hand gestures which you talked about are non-existent so stop insisting on saying that, it’d only make the others laugh at you!”

Huang Yueli could tell that she was scared stiff and sneered.

“How do you know that I’ve never touched an armament furnace before? I’ve not even started to demonstrate so how do you know that eleven types of hand gestures are non-existent?”

“This is originally the truth so how would I not know?”

“Who’s right and who’s wrong, let’s let the truth speak for itself!”

Now that things had gotten to this step, Tang Jinhua felt that he had no way to settle it so he ran over to the VIP seating and asked for advice from them.

Jiang Tuxin and the rest felt that Huang Yueli was reluctant to admit her mistake. The paper had already been re-checked and so many Armament Masters had already deemed that she was wrong whereas she was the only one who insisted she was correct? No normal person would believe her right?

He really didn’t know what happened to her as she was usually a smart young lass but why did she choose to be abnormal today?

Just that he couldn’t say out these words because Li Moying was just seated beside him!

“This…. Young Sect Master, perhaps, can you persuade Miss Bai instead?” Jiang Tuxin hesitated for a moment before he opened his mouth.

Li Moying kept a cold and indifferent expression while looking towards the stage and when he heard Jiang Tuxin’s words, his eyebrows rose.

“Persuade her? Why should I persuade her?”

Jiang Tuxin saw his nonchalant look and grew even more anxious.

“Young Sect Master, this cannot continue like this! Although Miss Bai didn’t do well this time, but based on her innate talent, if she wanted to learn how to refine armaments, there are plenty of other chances. Why must she persist on that her way is right?”

Li Moying swept him an icy cold glance as his tone was equally cold, “Principal Jiang, I might not understand it well but from what you mean, you feel that my Li’er is wrong?”

“This…..” Jiang Tuxin choked.

He naturally thought that Huang Yueli was wrong in his heart but since Li Moying had already said that, even if he grew ten more guts, he wouldn’t dare to speak his mind!

After a while, he finally stifled out a sentence, “This…. since Miss Bai said that, she must have her own logic but in order to debate who is right and who is wrong, it’s not realistic…..”

“Why is it not realistic?” Li Moying asked, “Hasn’t Li’er already said? She can start her furnace and refine armaments on the spot to demonstrate those armament refining hand gestures! Then let her use the truth to speak!”

“Ughh…. But…..”

Jiang Tuxin’s forehead started to form cold sweat as it started to drip down.

Miss Bai’s brain wasn’t functioning well but why did Young Sect Master also not get what was happening?