Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 978

Chapter 978 Using The Truth To Speak 2

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Jiang Tuxin wanted to persuade further when President Hu, who was sitting by the side, suddenly butted into the conversation.

“Principal Jiang, since Miss Bai has enough confidence and wanted to display her methods on the spot, now that Young Sect Master Li has also consented, then you should stop objecting further!”

“That’s right, the so called eleven types of hand gestures which are used to fuse metal attributes, we had indeed heard of it but had never seen it personally before! If Miss Bai is able to display it out then towards the Armaments Masters in Sky Cloud City’s branch Armament Guild is a huge opportunity!” President Gong supported his idea.

“Huh?” Jiang Tuxin was completely stunned.

He had thought that President Hu and President Gong would be the angriest duo around here and had not expected the both of them to say such things.

Furthermore, from their expressions, they had totally no trace of fury at all. On the contrary, their expressions seemed to seep out some traces of excitement.

Tang Jinhua also noticed that something was wrong as he looked at the two Presidents in shock.

“President Hu, President Gong, you…..”

President Hu smiled, “Jinhua, come along and take a careful look! These armament refining methods, even though I had not seen it before and if it wasn’t for this occasion, I’m afraid that Miss Bai wouldn’t even be willing to publicly display it for everyone to see!”

Tang Jinhua said, “President Hu, this… your meaning, don’t tell me that you feel that Bai Ruoli’s answer is right?”

President Hu played around with his greyish white beard and replied seemingly in thought, “The eleven hand gestures which Miss Bai talked about, I have heard it from someone before but as I had not witnessed it previously, I had always thought it was more likely a rumour and the confirmed hand gestures are only seven types. But she actually said that she could display it publicly….. could it be that the rumour is not fake?”

President Gong also responded, “Earlier President Hu and I had been discussing for quite a bit and we both feel that since Miss Bai had such confidence, then she shouldn’t be telling lies. Perhaps she had some extremely incredible Master and could understand all these. If she really could display all the eleven hand gestures then that would prove that her Master is an Armament Grandmaster who is much stronger than all of us! Perhaps he is some VIP in the Soaring Heavens Continent’s headquarters!”

President Hu nodded his head, “That’s right, if she had an incredible Master then she should be ninety percent sure that she could do it. But the only thing is she is still so young so even if she knew all eleven hand gestures, she would probably not be able to master all. But just seeing the few types of hand gestures which had not been seen before would already be our utmost glory!”

The both of them were after all sixth tier Armament Masters and their distance from an Armament Grandmaster just one step away. Their insight and knowledge were ahead by everyone else’s by a huge chunk.

They could already tell how extraordinary Huang Yueli was.

So although they didn’t stop Huang Yueli from displaying publicly, it was not because they wanted her to make a fool of herself but actually wanted to secretly learn her skills!

Tang Jinhua became dumbstruck, not expected that the two Armament Masters whom he had admired the most actually felt that Huang Yueli was right! And moreover, they even gave her such a high valuation!

This young lass’s Master was an even more incredible Armament Master than President Hu?

How was that possible? Hadn’t she came from a small country like South Yue Kingdom?

President Hu urged, “Why are you still standing around here for? Quickly invite Miss Bai to display her hand gestures?” He really couldn’t wait to learn from her!

“Oh, right, right!” Tang Jinhua speedily ran back to the stage.

“After the verification from President Hu and President Gong from the Armament Guild, they have agreed to Miss Bai’s request to display publicly and now, we’d like to invite Miss Bai up on stage.”