Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Refine On The Spot 1

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Li Xue’er sniggered secretly as she called out, “Junior Sister Bai, my Master had already agreed to let you display publicly so what are you waiting for? This is your own request so don’t regret it!”

Huang Yueli gave a cold harrumph and not saying anything further, she walked up directly beside Tang Jinhua.

When the Armament Masters saw her on stage, they started to ridicule her.

“She actually dared to go up! Simply don’t know what’s good for her!”

“Hehe, I must see for myself how is she going to come out with eleven hand gestures!”

“Let’s see how she’s prepared to finish up!”

Tang Jinhua went up beside Huang Yueli and lowered his voice, “Miss Bai, we have a collection of different armament furnaces here in Celestial Light Academy’s Profound Weapon Chambers so if you have any special requests, let me know and I’ll get them to get it out from the storage!”

Li Xue’er had not expected Tang Jinhua to speak so politely and even with a feeling of respect as her eyes opened wide in surprise.

What was the situation? Could Master be ridiculing this wretched lass? Could it be that she had heard him wrongly?

And he even allowed her to choose any armament furnace! The storage’s collections were all quality goods! Previously she had wanted to choose one but was rejected by Tang Jinhua saying that only after she had became a first tier Armament Master then would she be able to apply for one!

Why is it that this wretched lass could casually choose one?

However, what made her even more surprised was Huang Yueli actually didn’t accepted his offer but shook her head and said, “No need, I have prepared my own armament furnace.”

Saying that, she waved her hand and took out a broken armament furnace from the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Li Xue’er took a close look at it and almost laughed out, “I say, Junior Sister Bai, this armament furnace of yours, isn’t it just a little too broken? So many areas on the exterior of the furnace had already rusted and the patterns are already so blurred! I wonder if it’s still usable??”

Tang Jinhua also frowned, “Miss Bai, this armament furnace of yours is indeed a little too old and I’m afraid it wouldn’t be too easy to use so why not just change one!”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “No need I’ve been using this for a very long time and if it was other armament furnaces, it might not be as handy as this.”

Tang Jinhua saw that he wasn’t able to persuade her so he could only retreat to one side.

When Li Moying saw the armament furnace which Huang Yueli took out, he couldn’t help but smile. On that handsome and icy cold face, it revealed some tinges of gentleness.

He recalled that this armament furnace was the one which he and Huang Yueli had obtained in Dark Moon Forest and at that time, this furnace had sealed a half god relic, the Amethyst Light Sword. Huang Yueli had used quite an amount of effort to retrieve the half god relic but in the end the Amethyst Light Sword’s Spirit Artifact, Little Lilac, only recognised him as her Master which made his little fox throw a huge tantrum.

Recalling that now, he distinctly remembered the way his little thing threw her temper, that cute look.

An armament furnace which was able to seal a half god relic, it was definitely not something ordinary.

President Hu was one who knew how to recognise valuable items and knew that since Huang Yueli brought out this armament furnace at this occasion, it was certainly not as broken as it appeared to be. But after looking at it for some time, he could not tell what material was this armament furnace made out of, nor tell what the uses of the patterns which were inscribed on could do.

Because of that, Huang Yueli became even more mysterious in his eyes.

Huang Yueli set up the armament furnace and rubbed away the dust on it.

Following that, she pointed with her finger and a small amethyst ray flame shot out from her fingertip and flew into the bottom part of the armament furnace’s fire entrance.

A loud “boom” reverberated!

A small ball of flame, upon entering the fire entrance instantly grew and became a raging ball of fire, wrapping the entire armament furnace in its flames!