Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Refine On The Spot 2

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Furthermore among the flames, a purplish boult which could be seen flashing, giving off a chafing sound. The might of that flame was astonishing!

Huang Yueli controlled the intensity of the fire with a point of her finger. Under her control, the monstrous deviant flame was tamed and became obedient as it started to form into a dark purplish coloured flame, entering the fire entrance.

All the spectators were stunned upon seeing this.

Especially among those Armament Masters who were still jeering at Huang Yueli for bringing out such a run-down armament furnace. Before their laughter had actually stopped, suddenly, they saw this shocking scene! Their jaws almost dropped down onto the ground in shock!

“Look, that ball of purplish flame, how could the intensity of the fire be so strong? Surely it can’t be….. a deviant flame?”

“It’s not possible right? I’ve never seen a deviant flame before! Even our President himself doesn’t have any deviant flame sparks isn’t it? She’s merely a young lass whose not even an armament apprentice, how could she possibly have one??”

“But…. but… the flame that she has is very familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere?”

“I have the same impression too, in the << Deviant Flame Pictorial >>, there indeed has a kind of purplish thunder attributed deviant flame. I think it’s called….. Amethyst Thunder Flame?”

“That really looks like it. But… sure not right? How could it be possible??”

On the VIP seating, President Hu and President Gong were so excited that they almost jumped out of their seats.

“It’s the Amethyst Thunder Flame, it really is! Heavens, this Miss Bai’s background is not as simple as we think, she actually has a deviant flame! How on earth did she get it? Just how strong is the existence of the influence behind her?”

Li Moying’s lips curled upwards complacently as his gaze was affixed on Huang Yueli who was on stage.

Whenever his little fox started to refine armaments, she would be exceptionally absorbed into it but he especially liked watching her attentive look.

Every time this happened, Li Moying would had an illusion as though he had always been watching Huang Yueli refine armaments, and moreover he had already watched her for a long, long time. No matter how many times he watched, he would not get sick of it.

Huang Yueli controlled the Amethyst Thunder Flame and heated up the armament furnace.

Just as the body of the furnace started to appear a dark red glow, with a lift of her hand, she struck out a stream of methodical gesture as the furnace lid gradually flew upwards and landed on the side.

A large piece of Scarlet Thunder Steel and another large piece of White Moon Iron were placed beside her. These two were the most commonly seen materials among the low tiered materials and Tang Jinhua got his staff to bring it out.

Firstly she placed the Scarlet Thunder Steel into the armament furnace and following that, she controlled the deviant flame and started refining.

The Armament Masters looked at her well-trained skill and started to realise that she was truly a top expert!

But following her continuous refining, some of them started to mumble.

“What’s going on? Why didn’t she put the lid on?”

“That’s right, leaving the lid open will cause a drop in the temperature within the armament furnace so how could she even refine the impurities? Isn’t she just unruly?”

“Does she even know how to refine armaments? I don’t even understand what she’s doing…..”

Just as everyone were in a daze, Huang Yueli suddenly spoke.

“Alright everyone, look carefully now! I’m going to start refining the impurities! Earlier Master Yue said a second tier material like the Scarlet Thunder Steel had many impurities and will need five steps to refine all the impurities. But in actual fact, only three steps will do. But you must first control the flame’s intensity and temperature precisely.”

As Huang Yueli explained, she started to operate.

“First step!”

“Second step!”

“Third step!”

Following the various hand gestures which kept flying out from her fingers, the Scarlet Thunder Steel had been ablated under the deviant flame’s high temperature into a liquid form and the impurities within it were removed. The Scarlet Thunder Steel’s colour also became deeper and deeper and finally it turned into a vermilion cinnabar like colour.