Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 981

Chapter 981 Refine On The Spot 3

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Those Armament Masters present were all stunned, not daring to believe in what they had just seen.

“Heavens, it’s really possible, it really only needed three steps! How is that possible? How did she do it?”

“This new method is simply unheard of! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d never believe it at all!”

“Three steps, it really only needed three steps! So what Bai Ruoli said was really true, the people who were wrong…. Are us! This…. what should we do now, I really have no face to see anyone!”

The Armament Masters looked at each other with their red faces, feeling extremely ashamed!

This was simply a hard slap across their faces! Earlier those Armament Masters who claimed that Huang Yueli’s answer was absolutely wrong could not accept this result! Even when Huang Yueli suggested that she could refine on the spot to verify her answer was correct, they had deemed her as an abnormality, ridiculing her with various words.

But how about now? The truth had proved itself that what Huang Yueli said was absolutely correct. When she said these Armament Masters “had not seen the worth”, it was absolutely correct!

Everyone was embarrassed but couldn’t bear to move their gazes away as all of them opened their eyes wide, staring at Huang Yueli without blinking, worried that they would miss a single action that she made!

This new method which they had never seen before was definitely high levelled and looking at the speed which Huang Yueli moved to remove the impurities, the effect was much, much higher than how they usually did by several times!

This unique method would not be shared by most people usually but now in order to prove herself, Huang Yueli actually displayed her skills on the spot. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity made everyone held their breaths as they wanted to master this unique skill!

Even if they didn’t manage to learn it on the spot, at least they should gain some knowledge out of this right?

However, the truth made them hugely disappointed!

A bunch of Armament Masters opened their eyes so wide that it was almost popping out but only managed to see the vague traces of Huang Yueli’s fingers moving in mid-air…..

“What the, what situation is this? Why am I unable to see clearly?”

“I didn’t managed to see clearly too! The speed of her hands are simply too fast! I’m totally unable to differentiate which hand gestures she used!”

“That’s right, it’s simply too fast! How could she possibly be so fast! I’ve already tried my hardest usually but the speed of my hand gestures could only hit less than one third of her speed! Moreover, she’s so precise and yet she’s not even making a single mistake!”

Armament Masters, in the process of displaying their hand gestures continually, must not make any mistake at all because in the hundreds of hands gestures, as long as one hand gesture was wrong, the entire refining process would be halted in the process! To the numerous Profound Weapons, as long as the refining process was halted, the final product would have an obvious blemish and it might even lead to exploding on the spot!

But now, within the armament furnace, the impurities in that large piece of Scarlet Thunder Steel were being removed at a speed which the naked eye could see, without any signs of slowing down!

This also meant that there wasn’t a single mistake in Huang Yueli’s hand gestures!

Under such a fast paced display, there was no mistake at all! Just based on the skill and control alone, it was something which the Armament Masters there could not hope to achieve!

It was barely time for a pot of tea to brew before the Scarlet Thunder Steel’s impurities were all drawn out, leaving purely a vermilion cinnabar coloured liquid in the armament furnace.

Furthermore, it was indeed only three steps!

The speed of this was much faster by several times than the usual five steps to remove impurities!