Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 982

Chapter 982 Refine On The Spot 4


Even though this was mainly due to Huang Yueli’s experienced operation, but it was undeniable that this method of removing impurities had an absolute advantage itself!

But what was disappointing was none of the Armament Masters present were unable to see her method clearly.

The crowd started to enquire around mutually.

“Did you see clearly the method which Miss Bai displayed earlier?”

“I didn’t. How about you?”

“I didn’t too!”

“Don’t lie to me! You really didn’t see it clearly? This is not a time to be selfish, as long as you have seen one hand gesture clearly, just share with everyone. If we all shared what we saw, then perhaps we might even made up an entire set of method! At least we can ascertain it mutually!”

“Do you think I’m silly? Think I don’t understand this logic? But she’s simply too fast and I really didn’t see it clearly! Don’t tell me you’ve at least seen one hand gesture?”

“This….I…. I also…..”

The Armament Masters looked at one another in dismay and at one point of time, they started to suspect if there was something wrong with their intellect, to think…. none of them was able to see through Huang Yueli’s method at all??

Huang Yueli raised both her hands and said, “I’ve already displayed the three steps to remove the impurities in the Scarlet Thunder Steel. Next I shall now demonstrate the next question…..”

“Wait a minute, Miss Bai, no Master Bai! The three steps which you had demonstrated earlier, we didn’t managed to see it clearly so could you please demonstrate it once again? Please, please! Your method is simply too outstanding but it’s simply too fast! Please can you demonstrate just one more time!”

One of the Armament Master was simply too anxious as he couldn’t help but cried out loudly.

The crowd turned around and took a look and immediately recognised who it was. This Armament Master had a third tier badge pinned on his chest and he looked very young, at most only twenty plus years old.

“It’s Master Lin Yan, the youngest and most talented third tier Armament Master in our Sky Cloud City, his future is said to be boundless!”

“Whatever most talented and youngest Armament Master, can you even compare them with Miss Bai? Miss Bai is only fourteen this year!”

“Of course you can’t compare with Miss Bai! But this Miss Bai is simply too abnormal, completely defying logic! Lin Yan is at least a normal talent!”

“That’s true, I’ve long heard that Lin Yan’s character is rash and unable to hold his footing and seeing this today, it seems to be true! He actually jumped right out and asked Miss Bai to re-demonstrate one more time? What’s wrong with him? This kind of exclusive method of refining armaments, who would even reveal it easily? If it wasn’t for today’s special occasion, she probably won’t even demonstrate publicly?”

The crowd was totally speechless, feeling that Lin Yan was going to get into big trouble! At least he would be shamed by Huang Yueli, losing all his face!

Those Armament Masters there, who wouldn’t want to take another look? But everyone knew the rules of the society and could tell that she wasn’t willing so who would be so moronic to go up and look for a scolding?

Huang Yueli’s hand movements halted for a moment as she raised her head up.

“You want me to re-demonstrate one more time?”

Her tone was peaceful, not showing any emotions.

But the crowd had already injected their own guesses and were sweating for Lin Yan.

Unfortunately Lin Yan himself didn’t noticed anything amiss and couldn’t stop himself from continuing, “That’s right Master Bai. Your method is something which I had never seen in my entire life! Even President Hu in our Armament Guild don’t have such outstanding methods like yours! I beg you to teach me please! No matter what conditions you ask for, I agree to it all!”