Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 983

Chapter 983 Cannot Help But Be Convinced1

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Cold sweat kept forming on the Armament Masters’ foreheads who crowded around.

This Lin Yan was really a blockhead! President Hu was seated up in the VIP seating! How dare he actually say President Hu’s methods weren’t good enough? Had he even realised that he had unknowingly offended someone…

When Huang Yueli heard what he said, she however expressed slight interest as her gaze shifted from his youthful face to the badge pinned in front of his chest.

So young and he’s already a third tier Armament Master…. his innate talent was really not bad…..

Huang Yueli instantly made up some plans as she smiled, “This Master here, you seem to have some interest in my method and I’m very glad to have some interaction with everyone here so there’s no need to ask for it! In fact, since I’ve already started up my furnace for refining, it is because I want to show everyone the way I refine armaments and have no intention of keeping it to myself! Moreover, I’ve already slowed down the variations of my hand gestures so are you telling me that you have not seen it clearly?”

“Ah? What?”

“Am I hearing things wrongly? How can there be such a thing??”

“That’s weird, earlier I had thought it was very strange, what kind of route is she taking when she’s opening the lid to refine Profound Armaments? It would result in an obvious drop in the temperature, lowering the overall success rate! I had thought it was some exclusive method, so…. she only wanted to show us the actual situation that was happening in the furnace??”

“But, this isn’t…. isn’t logical at all is it? Earlier her speed was so fast! Could she have even slowed down?? Then if she resumes her normal speed, what kind of speed will that be? Could she be exaggerating??”

“Exaggerating?? Is there a need for her to exaggerate? No matter what, her method of refining Armaments is shocking!”

Bursts of shocking peals could be heard from the Armament Masters’ seating area as everyone could not believe their ears!

Huang Yueli’s previous performance had exceeded everyone’s imagination and in the end, she actually claimed that for the sake of demonstrating clearly, she had already slowed down her pace!

Furthermore, Lin Yan had made such a disgraceful request for her to re-demonstrate her method once again and she wasn’t angry at all?

Lin Yan could tell that she was friendly and spoke without any qualms.

“Master Bai, have you really slowed down your pace earlier? But from how I see it, the speed of your hands is still very fast! We weren’t able to see clearly what you did when you were refining nor how you were able to not make any mistake at all while displaying it out one by one?”

Huang Yueli replied, “Since you have not seen clearly, how about this, I shall re-demonstrate again the process on how I draw out the impurities and this time, I will slow down my pace even more…..”

Saying this, she seemed to recall something as she turned back and took a look before correcting herself, “Opps, no no, I totally forgot, we are now at the Armament Master certification assessment! Not the Armament Master’s Interaction Meet! If we were to discuss these now, it would seriously affect the progress of the certification assessment! There are still so many Armament apprentices waiting for the practical assessment! Forget about it, let’s wait for another day and end here first to stop wasting everyone’s time…..”

Saying that, she started to keep her armament furnace.

The minute those Armament Masters heard that she was going to re-demonstrate once again and even slow down her pace, they were filled with anticipation as they opened their eyes wide, prepared to take a careful look this time round!

In the end, they had just gotten excited when Huang Yueli actually said to change to another day!

The Armament Masters were extremely disappointed!

Under Huang Yueli’s virtuosic performance, everyone’s attention were all gathered on her method of refining Profound Armaments.