Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 984

Chapter 984 Cannot Help But Be Convinced2

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Everyone had long forgotten the reason why they were here today!

If it wasn’t for Huang Yueli’s reminder, no one would have recalled why they were here for or that today was the day of the Armament Master certification assessment!

This originally was one of the more important activities for the Armament Guild otherwise both the President and Vice-President would not attend at the same time. But because of Huang Yueli’s interference, everyone had totally forgotten about what they were supposed to do!

Although now the Armament Masters came to realise this, but none of them cared about the Armament Master’s assessment!

What’s the point in looking at these immature and inexperienced armament apprentices?? Was it even comparable to Huang Yueli displaying her exclusive method?? Such a rare opportunity, when would be the next time they were able to experience it? The certification assessment was a yearly affair so surely there was nothing wrong with deferring it slightly!

It wasn’t just one or two who had this sort of thinking. With Lin Dan as a head start, everyone could tell that Huang Yueli was rather easy going and started to make their earnest requests.

“Master Bai, please ignore that certification assessment! Based on your ability, surely you don’t need to worry that you will not be able to obtain the Armament Master’s badge?”

“Isn’t that so! We should directly credit Master Bai with a fourth tier… no, fifth tier badge!”

“Master Bai, please do us some good and re-demonstrate your method again! That doesn’t need too much time anyway! As for the certification assessment, we can talk about that later on. If not, we can always delay till tomorrow to continue with the assessment!”

“That’s right, I support that with both my hands and feet raised up! Tomorrow we can continue with the assessment, no big deal about it!”

Huang Yueli looked like she was put in a difficult position, “This… everyone please don’t be so anxious. It’s not like I’d renege on it! Next time I’ll definitely find an opportunity to demonstrate for everyone! But today is indeed very important. The Armament Guild’s President and our academy’s Principal are all present so I cannot just make the decision on my own…”

“Miss Bai, please don’t have so much misgivings. Since everyone would like to see the method of your demonstration, then please do so once again! In fact, even I was not able to see your method clearly earlier as your speed is really exceptionally extraordinary! I would also like to see it once again!”

President Hu was laughing out loud as he got down from the VIP seating area and came all the way to Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli actually had some impression of President Hu. He had assumed responsibility as President of the Armament Guild’s branch in Sky Cloud City for twenty over years and Huang Yueli had once met him in her previous life. Her impression of him wasn’t too bad at all.

Although this old man’s technique was not worth mentioning as compared to Huang Yueli but his character was magnanimous and was never jealous of those who were better than him and he also protected the capable ones and under his care, he had nurtured several young and talented Armament Masters, sending them to Soaring Heavens Continent’s Armament Guild Headquarters. He was one of the ministers who had contributed outstanding service to the Armament Guild.

On seeing that he came over personally, Huang Yueli smiled as she replied, “Since President Hu has agreed, then I shall not reject any further!”

President Hu had seen her from afar at the VIP seating and already felt that she was exceptionally beautiful and had outstanding etiquette. Although her features looked young and inexperienced, but she was already displaying a graceful demeanour!

Now that he observed her from up close, he felt more so that she had an indescribable presence. Just standing there alone made her shone as all the others had all turned dull in the background!

President Hu fiddled with his heart as he gave a knowing smile.

As though he suddenly understood something, like why that aloof and remote, yet exceptionally outstanding and talented Young Sect Master Li of Celestial Light Sect would pamper this young lady with so much love, even abandoning the Sect Master’s daughter, insisting on getting engaged with her!