Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Cannot Help But Be Convinced3

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With this outstanding lady in front of him, no matter how many rich young Misses with good backgrounds appeared, they probably had all turned into commonplace women!

Furthermore, she had such shocking talent in armament refining! And was said to have equally outstanding talent in cultivation….

President Hu set his mind to cajole Huang Yueli because this kind of talent wasn’t simply found anywhere!

He smiled as he said, “Miss Bai please be assured that I am not one who uses my authority to oppress others. If you really don’t want to reveal your exclusive method and not willing to demonstrate here, then you can absolutely reject this. After all, the exchange of the art of armament refining must come from a willing party.”

Huang Yueli smiled slightly as she said, “President Hu, don’t worry. I wasn’t prepared to hide my skills and since everyone had so much interest, it is also my honour so might as well allow me to impart my method to everyone!”

What she said wasn’t a lie. In actual fact, before she even started to demonstrate publicly, she had already made preparations that her skills would be secretly learnt by some so she intentionally opened the furnace lid and slowed down her pace with the intention of demonstrating once clearly.

In this way, not only could it cajole the Armament Masters present, it would also win her some reputation in the Armament Guild.

Anyway, no matter if it was the skill of removing the impurities in the Scarlet Thunder Steel or the elven hand gestures of fusing the metal attributes, this was merely a commonly used low levelled skill often used by first or second tier Armament Masters. To her, it was just an extremely, extremely low-end technique only and there wasn’t any need to hide this from everyone!

Giving up a small price like this could win the entire Sky Cloud City’s Armament Guild’s favour was a worthwhile deal. In future she would definitely have more needs which required the aid of the Armament Guild.

In President Hu’s ears, this news made him feel both delighted and excited as the evaluation he gave towards Huang Yueli had increased by a huge notch!

Many Armament Masters valued their own methods of refining armaments as everyone valued the broom as their own. Even among Masters, sometimes they might not even give up everything they know to their disciples! After all, everyone depended on their own skill for a living. The sort of matter whereby the Master had learnt the skill, the disciple would probably had starved to death, happened frequently!

But now, a talented Armament Master like Huang Yueli actually appeared!

Not only was her talent shocking and her age young, she was even so generous and selfless! This character… was simply nothing to pick on! How in heavens could there be such a perfect young girl! He had really picked up a treasure this round!

President Hu was so happy that he could not stop smiling ear to ear, “Good, good, then we’ll have to trouble Miss Bai! Rest assured that I won’t let you waste your effort! According to the Armament Guild’s regulations, those who leave behind an exclusive Profound Armament method or prescription will be able to obtain ten thousand of contribution points as a reward! I have recorded this down under your name!”

“Wa, ten thousand contribution points! I’m a second tier Armament Master now and have been around in the guild for many years but have not been able to gain ten thousand contribution points yet!”

“Isn’t that so? Bai Ruoli have not even gotten the Armament Master’s badge and had already gained so much contribution points!”

“I feel that it’s too little! Master Bai is so selfless and so generous so giving twenty thousand contribution points is just about right!”

The Armament Masters were exclaiming out one by one but no one raised any objections.

Even though some were mentally imbalanced but did not dare to voice out. Everyone else were waiting for Huang Yueli to re-demonstrate so if they were to voice their objections, wouldn’t that caused public outrage!

President Hu sent people to get another large piece of Scarlet Thunder Steel from the storage and passed it over to Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli’s fingers moved and lit up her deviant flame once again.