Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Cannot Help But Be Convinced 4

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Whoever knew that her finger had just moved slightly when she heard a bustle of movement.

Those Armament Masters seated in the far end had all stood up and ran over, surrounding the stage.

At this moment, they had all forgotten their “valuable identity” which they were so proud of, only thinking of watching closely, not omitting a single step!

“What the, who stepped on me earlier? Don’t you understand the meaning of first come first serve? How dare you play low?”

“Give way, give way, why is your head so big? My vision have all been blocked by you!”

“Those in the first row, squat down, squat down, I say! Don’t affect others from viewing Master Bai’s demonstration!”

The crowd were all fighting to get the position for the best view and a few of them almost started to quarrel. Later on under the guidance of Master Hu, they all managed to find a position as all of them kept their eyes peeled and affixed on Huang Yueli in anticipation to see her moves.

Huang Yueli suddenly coughed slightly as she said, “This time, I will slow down my pace to the minimum and if you still can’t see clearly, I can’t do anything about it! Because if I slow down any further, the materials in the armament furnace would have overstayed its duration and the quality would have a serious impact! So in future if you really want to learn this three steps method of removing impurities, then the speed of your hand gestures would have to be equally this fast!”

Saying that, the Amethyst Thunder Flame flew out from her fingertips.

Huang Yueli kept to the routine of lighting up the deviant flame and after the furnace was heated up, she put in the Scarlet Thunder Steel into the furnace.

This round, her speed had decreased once again and moreover, her explanation was much more detailed.

“Will everyone look carefully now. When you are placing the Scarlet Thunder Steel, you must take note of the furnace’s temperature. As I used a deviant flame to heat up the furnace, so even if I opened the lid, it would still maintain an amount of temperature but if you’re refining it on your own and if you were using an ordinary flame, then you must remember to never open the lid…..”

As Huang Yueli was explaining, she proficiently displayed her hand gestures.

Even though she had intentionally slowed down, but there were not many who could keep up with her pace. There were even some who took out their note scrolls and writing brushes as they speedily recorded down the information.

Li Moying was seated in the VIP seat and his gaze was totally affixed onto Huang Yueli.

Her slender fingers waved around in mid-air, perfecting drawing out graceful angles as though she was dancing.

Li Moying used his hand to prop up his chin as his lips curled upwards and thought in his heart that his little fox was simply too beautiful. Especially when she was revealing her overbearing look now, there was an indescribable charm which made people fell for her uncontrollably.

Seeing so many Armament Masters crowding around her holding her as though she was a star, Li Moying felt honoured but at the same time, he felt that it was something natural.

He always knew that his little fox was incredible! No one was comparable to her! Whereas he… had absolute confidence in her always!

Among the Armament Masters who crowded around, President Hu was seated nearest to Huang Yueli.

His insight exceeded others by several times and during Huang Yueli’s previous demonstration, he had already understood most of the hand gestures and developed his own understanding towards this set of method.

So this time his concentration wasn’t on the method of armament refining. More than that, it was to observe Huang Yueli.

The more President Hu observed, the more he felt that this elegant and pure young lass was simply unfathomable!

Under the situation where there were so many Armament Masters looking at her, she wasn’t affected one bit!