Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 987

Chapter 987 Cannot Help But Be Convinced 5

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Most Armament Masters all liked to hide alone in the Armament Refining room.

By doing that, they would not reveal the exclusive method which they used to refine armaments. Another reason was because the process of refining was easily disturbed by outsiders as it only needs a little movement to distract the Armament Master’s attention, thereby causing the armament refining to fail.

But now, Huang Yueli was surrounded by many Armament Masters while refining the Profound Armament and furthermore, each pair of eyes were fixated on her every single move. Not forgetting there were so many other ordinary students around who opened their eyes wide, hoping to catch a glimpse of what made her so extraordinary!

It was thinkable how tremendous the pressure was standing on Huang Yueli’s position, who was now the focus of attention!

Even President Hu himself didn’t dare to guarantee that under the same circumstances, he would be able to maintain his usual steady and collected self.

But Huang Yueli just stood there, totally calm from the start.

Every single hand gesture she made was precise and her speed wasn’t too fast nor too slow. It allowed everyone to see it clearly but yet not affecting the entire refining process.

Not only that, during her demonstration, she multitasked and patiently explained each step without a single bit of frenetic!

Some of the Armament Masters who crowded around couldn’t hold themselves back and raised some questions and yet she was able to answer it one by one.

Moreover, no matter what questions they raised, she had never been stuck in a scenario whereby she answered incorrectly or was stumped by any question!

Thinking about this again, many low tiered Armament Masters, when they were refining Armament, if there were any slight noises nearby, it would lead to an immediate explosion! Just comparing this alone meant that not only did Huang Yueli had exceptional skills, it also showed that her psychological state of heart was also top rated!

Just how old was this young lass to be able to hold such a fort!

How would President Hu ever know that this situation, to Huang Yueli, was really chicken feet only.

In her previous life, she was often invited by Soaring Heavens Continent’s Armament Guild Headquarters to conduct lectures for the other Armament Masters.

At that time, the audience she dealt with were mostly seventh or eighth tiered Armament Grandmasters. In front of them, she was able to remain calm and composed while conducting her lecture so towards those Armament Masters who were third tier and below was no pressure to her at all.

Not long after, Huang Yueli had once again completed the process of drawing out the impurities.

“Alright, now the impurities in the Scarlet Thunder Steel have all been completely drawn out so this part of demonstration is not completed. Master Tang, don’t forget to add in my marks for me!” She was grinning as she said that.

Tang Jinhua had already gone into a daze and didn’t expect Huang Yueli to suddenly talk to him as he suddenly went into a blank, “Huh? Add marks? ….. what marks?”

“It’s my theory assessment paper! Now I’ve already proven that my own answer is correct right!”

“Ughh, right, the theory paper!” Tang Jinhua wiped the sweat off his forehead as he finally recalled what happened and hurriedly cried out, “Master Bai, your standard doesn’t need us to say anything more. Earlier the few of us had shallow knowledge and experience and had made a wrong judgement so please don’t take it to heart!”

He finally could tell that Huang Yueli was still so young but yet had outstanding armament refining methods. Just from looking her calm and leisure way while refining armaments, don’t say just first tier Armament Master, she probably had the standard of second or even third tier standard!

And the Master who taught her the skills of armament refining was definitely an Armament Grandmaster who was much stronger than President Hu and probably was someone of status from Soaring Heavens Continents!

Huang Yueli’s background was so strong and he couldn’t afford to offend her!

Actually, Tang Jinhua self-professed that his attitude towards Huang Yueli wasn’t that bad at all.