Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Li Xueer Whos Filled With Hatred And Envy 2

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Not only had Huang Yueli not been embarrassed, she really used only three steps to remove all the impurities from the Scarlet Thunder Steel and her speed was much faster than any ordinary Armament Masters by several times!

For a moment there, Li Xue’er had thought that her brain wasn’t functioning too well and had developed hallucination!

How could that wretched lass possibly refine armaments? How could such a ridiculous thing happen?? She had never once heard that Huang Yueli had formally became an apprentice to a master to learn armament refining skills!

Moreover, not only was she able to refine armaments, those with eyes could tell that Huang Yueli’s armament refining standard had clearly surpassed ordinary first and second tier Armament Masters!

Just as Li Xue’er was in a daze, a shocking matter occurred!

Those Armament Masters who usually held their noses up high in the air actually surrounded the stage just to see Huang Yueli’s demonstrations.

Everyone’s overly agitated and overly imperative while Li Xue’er was still in a daze so she was pushed to one side by those people and fell heavily onto the ground, even twisting her ankle!

Li Xue’er was in so much pain that her face contorted but at this moment, no one noticed her at all.

Even Tang Jinhua who treated her the best usually had not given her one loo, or even realised that his own disciple was missing!

All he thought of was to learn those new skills from Huang Yueli’s demonstrations!

Li Xue’er was both in pain and infuriated that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

This originally was her most glamourous and conspicuous day and everyone should be pamper her Li Xue’er!

But now, all her glamour had been snatched by Huang Yueli! Whereas she became an invisible person whom no one gave a damn about!

What made her filled with both hatred and envy was that Huang Yueli actually had such a strong standard of armament refining. Not only had she subdued those low levelled Armament Masters, even her own Master Tang Jinhua treated Huang Yueli with respect and courtesy, even greeting her as “Master Bai”!

That wretched lass was actually a Master?? What Master! She obviously wasn’t even a first tier Armament Master!

However, no matter how jealous Li Xue’er was, it did not affect Haung Yueli one bit. Everyone surrounded her and even President Hu came over personally to encourage her. These scenes played on and on in front of Li Xue’er and she clenched her fists hard, her nails pressing into her palms but yet she could not suppress the jealously and hatred within her heart!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Li Xue’er had still remembered that today was the Armament Master’s certification assessment, she probably could not take this pressure any further and would have left the Profound Weapon Chambers in fury.

With great difficulty after a long time, Huang Yueli’s demonstration had finally all came to an end.

Tang Jinhua finally announced the start of the Armament Master certification assessment.

Li Xue’er used all her might to calm herself down, to remain stable…. the Armament Master certification was only held once a year and if she had ran off because of the anger that Huang Yueli caused or if she didn’t managed herself well, then it would be her loss…..

So she had to endure!

But the minute she walked to the contender’s seating area and saw Huang Yueli seated on the seat above her, jealousy once again filled her heart as it started to soar.

“Bai Ruoli, you’ve really hidden yourself well! How come I don’t know about you learning armament refining at all? Usually you acted so well was just to trick me intentionally! She is simply a scheming wretched lass!”

Huang Yueli heard what she said and turned around, throwing her an indifferent glance, “Li Xue’er, your jealous look really look terrible! Whether I have hidden myself well or not, it seems to have nothing to do with you at all, so just be concerned about yourself!”