Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Li Xueer Whos Filled With Hatred And Envy 3

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Li Xue’er sneered, “I’m worried? What do I have to worry about! I’ve been learning armament refining for the past five to six years and the success rate of refining a first tier Profound Armament is already at ninety percent and above! Passing the Armament Master certification is a definite thing. Unlike you, using dishonest practices to gain victory!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards slightly, “Dishonest practices? Unfortunately, even your Master is very interested in my dishonest practice!”

Her understated tone and expression completely angered Li Xue’er.

Li Xue’er couldn’t accept how she couldn’t matched up to Huang Yueli in every aspect and even being beaten up several times by her.

But using her status as an Armament Master, she felt that she was on higher grounds when facing Huang Yueli. After all, she would become a valuable and honourable Armament Master in future whereas Huang Yueli was merely a practitioner with a higher cultivation!

But now, Huang Yueli actually knew how to refine Armaments!

Li Xue’er gritted her teeth, “You…. don’t be too complacent! You were able to display so many armament refining skills earlier just because you have a deviant flame in your possession and a high levelled Armament furnace! To be fair for all students, in this next round of assessment, all examinees would need to use the furnaces given out by the Armament Guild to use for refining and can only use the ordinary flames so you will have no way of cheating! By then, if ‘Master Bai’ who is highly thought of by others, is not able to pass the practical assessment, then you will become a laughing stock!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but laugh out, “Can you even believe yourself when you hear your own words? I am unable to pass the practical assessment?”

Li Xue’er indeed was not able to believe in her own words as well so saying these were just to build up some courage for herself!

“I…. Why would I not believe in it??”

Huang Yueli immodestly broke through her weak psychological defence, “I say, Li Xue’er, you’d better start making preparations! Today I will definitely pass through the Armament Master certification successfully! Do you still remember what you said before the start of the assessment? If I am able to become a first tier Armament Master, you will run around naked in Sky Cloud City! Do you still remember that?”

Li Xue’er turned white as sheet instantly!

“You….. What do you mean?”

Huang Yueli laughed, “I don’t mean anything else? I’m only reminding you about the bet that we had made earlier! If I were to lose, I will promise you one request isn’t it? Don’t worry, if I really am not able to pass the certification assessment, I will definitely keep my promise and be at your beck and call. How about you?”

…. How about you?

A simple question, in Li Xue’er’s ears felt like a thunderstorm!

Huang Yueli had already expressed that she would definitely keep her end of the bet so how could she Li Xue’er renege on hers?

Other people had already shown her stance but if she were to renege on hers and if news of this spread out, what would become of her reputation??

But now, the situation clearly showed that Huang Yueli had a ninety nine percent chance of passing the Armament Master certification!

If she were to promise to keep her end of the bet, wouldn’t that represent that she would need to run around naked on the streets later? This was something more embarrassing that reneging on a debt! With this dark history of running around naked, her hopes of marrying into Sky Cloud City’s large family to become the Young Mistress were completely dashed!

Li Xue’er’s expression turned green as her teeth couldn’t stop chattering but yet she was not able to say a single word.

Huang Yueli laughed lightly, “Why are you not replying? Senior Sister Li, surely you are not….. afraid right? Regretting it now? Why don’t you just kneel down here right now and apologize to me. Maybe I might be lenient and give up the bet with you. But of course, that is just a maybe.”