Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Shooting Herself In The Foot 1

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Before Huang Yueli could think things through, Tang Jinhua was already announcing the official start of the second round of assessment.

Before the both of them could not even speak another sentence and they each moved to their own respective positions and started the assessment.

The second round was a practical assessment so the difficulty was much higher than the first round of theory assessment.

The assessment was split into two sections.

The first section was a fixed topic and all they needed to do was to follow the Armament Guild’s request to refine the designated first tier Profound Armament. This year’s examination question was to refine a set of first tier wrist guards. Besides amplifying the intensity of the defensive power, their speed of completion was also amplified.

The second section was a free topic as it had always been every other year. All the examinees could choose to refine a Profound Armament which they specialised at but the materials they used must be within the Armament Guild’s supplied materials. For the Profound Armament which they refine, the greater the power and the higher its efficiency, the higher the marks would be.

For the ordinary Armament apprentices, this year’s selected topic had some difficulty to it. The requirement was a dual attributed Profound Armament and refining it was much more difficult than coming out with a single attribute armament so there were many examinees who revealed a difficult expression as they couldn’t help but sigh in despair.

But to Li Xue’er, this question was simply too simple, not to mention it wasn’t even worth mentioning in Huang Yueli’s eyes.

So while the others were still hesitating, the both of them had already started putting their hands to it.

The both of them lit up the flame at the same time and heated up the armament furnace.

Huang Yueli’s movements were elegant and soothing as her slender fingers drew across the sky as though moving clouds and flowing water, causing gasps of surprises from below the stage.

Li Xue’er had a bitter taste when she heard that. Although she tried very hard to remind herself that this round of assessment was very important and she must gather all her concentration and not be distracted but her gaze could not be controlled as it kept turning towards Huang Yueli, stealing a peek at her time and again.

Huang Yueli’s movements were swift and it was merely a quarter of an hour when she had already removed all the impurities in all of the materials and had successfully fused it together. She was already adjusting the intensity of the flames and preparing to enter the last stage of formation.

“Wow, did you see that? How fast Bai Ruoli’s speed was! That pair of hands movements….. simply as though it was lightning, I could only see the fragments of her movements…..”

“No wonder she kept saying earlier that she had already reduced her speed to the slowest so it’s really true…. Her normal speed is actually so terrifying…”

“Too fast, it’s just too fast! Just a quarter of an hour and she’s about to refine…. Heavens! It’s not about to, she has already finished refining! Her wrist guards have already taken shape!

In between the gasping sounds, Huang Yueli opened the armament furnace’s lid and took out a pair of wrist guards from within.

This pair of wrist guards emitted a faint golden glow and was dainty and delicate. Decorated on the side were white coloured flower patterns and from the exterior, it was suitable for young ladies.

“So fast, how could she be so fast! Even if it was me, to refine a piece of first tier Profound Armament, although it’s not too taxing, I will need at least one hour!”

Vice President Gong who was seated on the VIP seating was astonished by this sight as he started to speak to President Hu who was seated next to him.

President Hu’s face was filled with fascination as well, “Not only is her speed the fastest, this set of wrist guards are also done beautifully so it shows that she still had remaining energy left after refining! To her, a first tier Profound Armament like this is just too simple!”

Normal Armament Masters who were more practical would place more emphasis on the practicability of the Profound Armament and would not bother too much about the exterior.