Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 994

Chapter 994 Shooting Herself In The Foot 2

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It took a lot of effort to do up a Profound Armament beautifully and moreover, it didn’t have much use in raising the performance. It was a trick used mostly by auction houses to cheat amateurs into coming out with a higher pricing so they specially got Armament Masters to put in some effort into decorating the exterior.

But they could tell from Huang Yueli’s earlier demonstration that she apparently was not one who just placed emphasis on the exterior and not on the practicability.

It could only be said that this piece of Profound Armament didn’t take too much of her effort so since she had nothing to do, she might as well have made it prettier!

Huang Yueli passed the wrist guards over to Tang Jinhua and following that, she immediately started refining the next Profound Armament.

The free topic had much more leeway to express her ideas and Huang Yueli was preparing to refine an entire set of Profound Artifact with a total of three pieces, which includes earrings, a necklace and a ring. This set of Profound Artifact was mainly used to increase the speed of regeneration of Profound Energy and was extremely practical during a battle.

Her speed was very fast and it took just another quarter of an hour before the materials in the armament furnace had all been fused successfully as she proceed into the formation stage again.

Li Xue’er was feeling extremely anxious when she saw this.

How could this wretched lass possibly….. possibly be so fast! Even a fourth tier Armament Master like her Master wasn’t that fast! Could it be that she had skills which were even better than fourth tiered Armament Masters?? How was that possible??

If she was able to refine the free topic Profound Armament successfully, then she would immediately passed the Armament Master certification assessment!

Li Xue’er was so anxious that her forehead was filled with sweat because didn’t that meant that she had to run around naked? A future Armament Master like her couldn’t possibly do such a thing at all!

She wiped the sweat off her forehead as she clenched her teeth…

Right now, there wasn’t any other choice and she could only do that! This was all that wretched lass’s own doing!

Li Xue’er’s right hand waved and struck out a hand gesture.

But not knowing if her range of movement was a little too huge or if she was too careless, when she waved her hand, it coincidentally stuck the armament furnace and moreover, ti was dealt with a heavy strike!

“Aiyo, so painful!”

Li Xue’er hugged her right hand as she cried out loud!

Her armament furnace suddenly fell sideways towards the right side and it happened to fell right onto Huang Yueli’s table leg as the materials which were already fused fell right out of the armament furnace and quite a number of it happened to slashed onto the walls of Huang Yueli’s armament furnace.

“You…..” Huang Yueli’s movements halted for a moment as she frowned and looked at her.

Li Xue’er gave an apologetic look and hurriedly cried out, “Oh! I’m sorry, so sorry! I’m really too careless! I actually toppled the armament furnace, I’m just too anxious… Junior Sister Bai, were you slashed by accident? Oh no, your table’s so dirty and it’s all my fault. I’m really so sorry for that, let me help you clean it up!”

As Li Xue’er said that, she took a piece of cloth and started cleaning.

Huang Yueli frowned, “No need, I accept your apology so you don’t need to clean the table. Quickly return to refine your Profound Armament!”

“How will that do? I made a mistake so I must make up for it…. I’m not those kind who will not admit my own wrongdoing…. Junior Sister Bai, don’t worry, I’ll definitely clean it all up properly. Luckily it’s only my own armament furnace which was spilled and hadn’t knocked into yours otherwise I really cannot forgive myself….”

Li Xue’er was gabbling non-stop and in the midst of her body movements, she blocked Huang Yueli’s sight and at the same time, took out a small black, shining stone from her realm ring. While Huang Yueli was not paying attention, she threw it into her armament furnace.