Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Shooting Herself In The Foot 3

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This piece of black stone was only the size of a fingernail and looked totally unremarkable so Li Xue’er only needed to lift up a little of Huang Yueli’s armament furnace’s lid and she would be able to stuff it in.

The black coloured stone dropped into the materials which Huang Yueli had already smelted and with a plop, it fused together with the other materials without even giving out a bubble.

Li Xue’er saw everything with the corner of her eye and her heart danced wildly with joy, almost unable to hide the sneer from the corner of her lips.

Wretched lass, who asked you to be arrogant and wild!

Now that she had fallen into her trap, no matter how high her armament refining skills were, she would not be able to hope to attain the Armament Master’s badge!

On seeing that her scheme had worked, she didn’t stay any longer in case it arose other people’s suspicions.

She used the cleaning cloth and wiped swiftly around all the surroundings and said, “All done, it’s all clean now! Junior Sister Bai, I’m really sorry! Quickly continue with your refining!”

Saying that she returned to her own position and thought that no one had noticed what she did.

When Armament apprentices were in the middle of the certification assessment, they would usually be overly anxious and toppling over their armament furnaces was a common sight.

So Tang Jinhua didn’t think too much of it as he thought it was merely an accident and hurriedly brought over a new set of armament furnace and materials so that Li Xue’er could restart her refining.

He didn’t forget to remind Li Xue’er, “Xue’er ah, I know you’re under tremendous pressure but when you’re refining Profound Armaments, the most important thing is to keep your mentality relaxed and remain composed. The more anxious you are, the easier it is to make a mistake. I believe in you and I know you will be able to pass the certification assessment so work hard!”

“Yes, Master please be assured that this round there will be no problem at all!”

Li Xue’er smiled as she said that.

Tang Jinhua saw her calm and collected smile and couldn’t help but be assured.

Li Xue’er lit up the fire once again and stole glances to check on Huang Yueli’s situation. Seeing that Huang Yueli had once again readjusted the flame’s intensity, preparing to continue with the forming stage, her heart pounded wildly!

Huang Yueli’s eyelids hung downwards, masking the chilly intent hidden in her eyes.

Earlier she had seen Li Xue’er throwing something into her armament furnace.

She had been waiting for Li Xue’er to leave before she lifted up the lid to take a look and immediately she detected that something was amiss!

Li Xue’er had actually thrown a piece of Mirage Cloudy Rock into her armament furnace!

The Mirage Cloudy Rock was a type of fifth tier material and the cost of it was considerably high. It had a special type of effect which could aid the Profound Armament in forming it’s shape and greatly increasing the success rate of the final Profound Armament by several notches!

Don’t think that it was an easy feat for Huang Yueli when she was refining armaments. In actual fact, right after the armament refining materials had been successfully fused together, the final forming stage was the easiest stage to fail.

At least ninety percent and above of the Armament Masters were able to do well at removing impurities and fusing the materials but when it came to moulding it into shape, usually it was because of the depletion of Profound Energy or lack of control of the temperature which led to a complete failure! There were numerous times when the last step led to the explosion of the armament furnace!

However, adding in the Mirage Cloudy Rock when the Profound Armament was about to be shaped would greatly increase the success rate and it only required a certain amount of armament refining basics to be able to mould it into shape successfully.

But adding in the Mirage Cloudy Rock while refining Profound Armaments had a huge side effect. As the temperature had not reached the required intensity and it was forced into taking shape, the effect and durability of the Profound Armament would decrease greatly and would not be able to give out the effect which it should have!

If an ordinary third tier Profound Armament were to be refined using the Mirage Cloudy Rock, although it was still a third tier Profound Armament on the surface, in reality the effect could not even match up against a second tier Profound Armament!