Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 996

Chapter 996 Shooting Herself In The Foot 4

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But now they were refining a first tier Profound Armament so it was imaginable that after adding in the Mirage Cloudy Rock, the final product would probably not be stronger than a weapon which ordinary people used!

Huang Yueli immediately understood what Li Xue’er was scheming.

In order to prevent cheap quality counterfeits from wandering into the market and spoiling Armament Master’s reputation and ethos, the Mirage Cloudy Rock was a prohibited material which the Armament Guild had banned from using!

Once the Armament Guild found any Armament Masters using the Mirage Cloudy Rock, then that Armament Master would immediately be stripped of his identity badge and moreover, that person would never be able to gain the Armament Master certification for his entire lifetime!

For an Armament Master who had never been certified, no matter how outstanding his works were, it was extremely difficult to get the recognition of most people and all the large auction houses under Soaring Heavens Continents chamber of commerce clearly rejected Profound Armaments which these tainted Armament Masters refined.

Huang Yueli was just put into the limelight and what if she was found using the Mirage Cloudy Rock during the Armament Master certification immediately.

Then her reputation would drop from the peak into the bottoms of the valley! Such a drastic difference would definitely condemn her into damnation!

Moreover at such a public occasion with several thousand students as spectators, if Huang Yueli were to get involved in such a scandal, even if the Armament Guild had wanted to suppress this, they would definitely be able to settle it on the spot!

Huang Yueli would absolutely be shut out completely!

The worst of it all was that the Mirage Cloudy Rock was a material which easily melted under high temperature.

As long as it was placed into materials which were about to take shape, it would completely melt in an instance!

This scheme of Li Xue’er’s was simply too brilliant. If she were to meet ordinary Armament Masters, they probably wouldn’t have discovered her little scheme and had no way of remedial! Because it only required one breath’s time and the Mirage Cloudy Rock would have fused together with the other materials, totally unable to split it up!

But unfortunately…. The person she met with was Huang Yueli!

Huang Yueli swept a glance at Li Xue’er and did not show any emotions on her face, as though she hadn’t discovered anything at all.

She readjusted the temperature of the fire and using her right hand to draw a circle, she struck out a hand gesture! Starting the final moulding step!

Li Xue’er didn’t dare to look at her openly and could only pay attention to her own armament furnace while stealing glances at Huang Yueli’s movements.

Huang Yueli’s movements were extremely swift as her fingers were flying, striking out hand gestures one after another and not long after, the materials in the armament furnace gradually took shape!

“Whoa, this…. this is….. first tier upper grade Profound Artifact?”

“I think that’s right? But, this… this is a necklace? No, earring? And… and a ring?? Heavens, this is a set! An entire set of first tier upper grade Profound Artifact!”

“What? An entire set?? Junior Sister Bai actually refined three pieces of Profound Artifact?”

It was widely known that among the Profound Armaments, the easiest to refine was Profound Weapon followed by the Profound Armor and the highest difficulty was Profound Artifact! In order to make sure that they were able to pass the certification assessment successfully, most Armament Masters would refine the Profound Weapon which had the highest success rate!

To refine Profound Artifact at this kind of scenario was never heard of in the past!

All the Armament Masters were shocked beyond words.

President Gong played with his beard as he said in utter shock, “This…. I’m not seeing things right? These three pieces of Profound Artifact are all refined at one go so it should be a set right? But…. a first tier Profound Armament… can also become a set? Aren’t only fifth grade and above high levelled Profound Armaments refined as a set! Furthermore, in the process of refining, various precious materials are usually required! This young lass used those common materials and managed to refine it?”